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Not only will automotive oil not protect a motorcycle engine as well, but it could even ruin the clutch and leave you stranded motorcycles normally have a wet clutch system inside the crankcase and such engine oils can decrease the clutch capacity.

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yes it will. use motorcycle oil only

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Q: Will car oil hurt a motorcycle clutch?
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Related questions

Will an automotive oil filter fit a suzuki motorcycle?

no! use only motorcycle oil. automotive oil will not protect the clutch on a motorcycle and synthetic oils for cars are not designed to protect the clutch either.

Can you run synthetic motorcycle oil in your car?

Full synthetic motorcycle oils can and regularly do have additives to make them safe for use in vehicles with a "wet" or "oil bath" clutch. Standard synthetics tend to generate excessive slip in a wet clutch. To accurately answer the question. Yes you can run synthetic motorcycle oil in your car. However I would advise against doing the opposite.

What type of oil does a Honda 400ex take?

a motorcycle grade (moly free for the clutch) 20w-50 JASO rated oil would be great dont use car oil. you could ruin your clutch

What kind of engine oil for 1975 CB550?

Use a motorcycle specific oil. Designed for a wet clutch. Go to a Honda dealership and purchase their GN-4 oil. 10-w40. Do NOT use car oil. It will ruin your clutch.

Can you put car oil in your four wheeler?

Car oil is not meant for the clutches in an ATV engine. You should get oil that is designed for motorcycle or ATV wet-clutch engines. It will say it right on the front of the bottle.

What type of clutch oil pw80?

Any 4-stroke 10W-30 motorcycle oil can be used in clutch case.

Can you use car oil in motorcycle engines with wet clutch?

A 2 stroke engine with a wet clutch should use 70weight oil. It is really called gear or manual transmission type oil as the gears are also using this oil. Yes you can use car oil in a 4 stoke bike with a wet clutch but try to find oil that has as little additives as possible.

What kind of oil does a 2004 gsxr 600 need?

Motorcycle Oil, it is advised to use 10w40 by suzuki. Brand would be your choice but make sure it's designed for motorcycles not car oil. Motorcycles have a wet clutch (Clutch rests in oil) cars do not.

Oil Suzuki king quad 300?

10w40 motorcycle oil, because of the wet clutch.

How much oil does the clutch take in a Yamaha yfz 450?

quads and motorcycle use a wet clutch system so there isn't a separate oil for it penis , just uses the engines oil. Make sure your using a compatible motorcycle oil too

What type of oil is used in a Yamaha XVS650?

Use 10w40 4-stroke motorcycle oil. DO NOT use any type of automotive oil; motorcycle oil is needed because of the wet clutch.

What is the difference between motorcycle oil and regular motor oil?

Automotive oil is formulated as a engine crankcase oil and Motorcycle oil is formulated three jobs a crankcase oil, a transmission-gear oil, and a wet clutch oil.

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