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... What? This question makes very little sense. What are you trying to wire? Is it a heater, a range, or a dryer? What is it rated at? What wiring do you already have in place?

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This is a really great question and makes perfect sense!!

I would like to know the answer as well.

It seems my dryer does not get as hot with the 4 prongs as it did with 3...

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Q: Will changing the 3-prong plug from a dryer to a range for a high btu heater rated at 30-50A reduce possible output of a 30A appliance?
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Yes, an electrical base board heater can be classified as an appliance.

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What size breaker should be used for a hot water heater?

It will tell you right on the heater label. - Or, for that matter on ANY electrical appliance label.

What is a water heater?

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Why voltage is low while using heater as home appliance?

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Where can one purchase wood burning heaters?

Wood burning heater can be purchased at a wide variety of locations. The best places to purchase a wood burning heater is at a local hardware store or an appliance store.

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