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Will changing your tranny fluid and filter help keep the tranny from clunking?


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2004-06-22 08:08:54
2004-06-22 08:08:54

probably not this sounds like something a mechanic would need to look at but i would be present and look into the pan when they remove it to see if there are signs of metal this indicates some internal parts are breaking. but if it is only clunking when you first put it into gear check the u-joints if it is a rear wheel drive car if it is a front wheel drive look at the motor while some one puts it into gear you may have some worn out motor mounts which are cheaper to replace than a motor.


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on 3.1 it is 7qts when changing tranny filter..

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try changing filter and tranny fluid!!on 3.1 it takes 7 quarts to fill up after filter change.

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There is a screen in the transmission fluid sump but no filter.

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the cap is on top of tranny, and it is red in color,you will need a long funnel to add fluid. 7 qts on 3.1 if changing filter,

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