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Unfortunately yes. It is no different than a child growing up in an abusive household, or a child that comes from divorced parents. Children immulate adults. People don't realize that children retain a lot of memory from their very younger years. We are what we are in the environment we grow up in. If you feel this is happening to your child please seek out therapy for the child and the parents. If one of you is a narcissist and they refuse treatment then it's time to leave. Once you have decided to have children then you have the responsibility of protecting that child and giving them the best start in life you can. Good luck Marcy It's true that children of any personality disordered parent will suffer effects from that, it is not necessarily true that they themselves will develop that same (or other) personality disorder. There are so many variables involved, including other people in their environment, that one can only say that they will probably benefit from some therapy; but not that they are doomed to be their disordered parent. **** I'm an adult child of a genuinely NPD father who also happened to be my minister. I would say that there's no way for the child of a narcissist to avoid emotional problems, but personality disorders fall into the most serious classification of psychological disruption. It's far more likely that behavioral problems and neuroses will result than it is that the child will become classifiable with a borderline, antisocial, narcissistic, or other personality disorder.

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Q: Will children of narcissists have personality disorders?
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When do personality disorders become apparent?

Personality disorders have their onset in late adolescence or early adulthood. Doctors rarely give a diagnosis of personality disorder to children on the grounds that children's personalities are still in the process of formation.

What are some of the main types of Personality Disorders as classified by the DSM?

Some of the main types of personality disorders classified by the DSM are: personality pattern disturbance, personality trait disorders, compulsive, and sociopathic personality disturbance. Each of these categories has specific personality disorders noted.

Do children who do not experience the opportunity to differentiate self from others may later develop a narcissistic personality disorder?

sounds more like DEPENDENT personality disorder Narcissists have a FALSE self.

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Go to Wikipedia and look up "personality disorder", everything's there. They have types that belong to specific axes.

Do narcissists generally come from large families?

No. Narcissists can be only children, middle, large families. No correlation.

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Are Personality Disorders hereditary?

Personality disorders are usually caused by trauma, usually some sort of abusive family background. This makes personality disorders harder to treat than mood disorders, which respond to medication. You can't inherit or pass on a personality disorder, but I would question the wisdom of even thinking of having a relationship with someone who has a personality disorder.

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Borderline personality disorder is one of many different types of personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder is one of many different types of personality disorders.

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Personality Disorders

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