Will children with dyslexia live a normal life?

What is "normal?" Does anybody live a normal life? A normal person is someone that you haven't gotten to know. I am a child with dyslexia, and despite the fact that I'm a third-generation queer pagan unschooler, and the fact that I have the most severe dyslexia of any under 18-year-olds in America as of 2007, I lead a perfectly "normal" life. I am writing this post with voice recognition software, which is, I grant you, not "normal," but I have learned coping techniques for my dyslexia, surrounded myself with people who are understanding and loving, and personally, I have come to grips with the fact that I will always rely on others for certain things. I certainly don't live a "normal" life, but it is a joyful one. There are many struggles with having severe dyslexia, one of which is seeing your peers grow up around you, begin to read and write on their own, and realize that you are still at the same place you used to be, that is one of the hardest things.

I plan to start my own business, continue my work with activism, and possibly go to Africa as a humanitarian aid worker in the region of Darfur, none of these are normal goals, but they are all attainable, even with my dyslexia.