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Will chlorinated water splashing from a fountain damage hosta foliage?

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2007-06-25 20:02:23

It depends on the strength of the chlorine. People drink tap

water with clorine in it and we use this water to water our lawns

and plants. If you have too much chlorine in the fountain water

then yes, it will harm the hosta foliage. I have a huge hosta

outside my back door and it's 10 feet wide by 4 feet high and I

have no idea why it's so big. It's beautiful though. I NEVER use

cold water on most of my plants, but tepid water right out of the

tap. Of course I can't do the rockery garden this way and will have

to use the sprinkler on the vast majority of my plants. I only use

the other method on planted pots, the flowers by the walkway and

our rose garden.

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