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It depends on the strength of the chlorine. People drink tap water with clorine in it and we use this water to water our lawns and plants. If you have too much chlorine in the fountain water then yes, it will harm the hosta foliage. I have a huge hosta outside my back door and it's 10 feet wide by 4 feet high and I have no idea why it's so big. It's beautiful though. I NEVER use cold water on most of my plants, but tepid water right out of the tap. Of course I can't do the rockery garden this way and will have to use the sprinkler on the vast majority of my plants. I only use the other method on planted pots, the flowers by the walkway and our rose garden.

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Is skin damaged by water?

It depends on the type of water. Regular water can't damage your skin, but, with some people, chlorinated water can damage your skin.

Will small amounts roundup kill or damage a redwood tree?

Not unless it is sprayed on the foliage.

What does the straw in strawberry refer to?

Straw was and is placed between the fruit and the soil to prevent soil splashing on to the berries and stop slug damage.

What eats Buttonwood?

The Sri Lanka weevils chew and eat the leaves of the Buttonwood tree. The weevils cause foliage damage to the tree.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean green mold from a water fountain?

Not recommended. Muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid is a very dangerous substance, it might even damage the fountain..

Does swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool damage your hair?

Yes, because the chlorine dries out your hair causing it to become brittle and fall out. It wont, unless you wash your hair after swimming.

What are cocoon like bags in trees?

The cocoon like bags in trees belong to the tent caterpillar. These pest like to infest fruit trees and can cause significant damage to the foliage. They are usually seen beginning in the spring through summer. Tree generally have time to regrowth the damaged foliage.

What are ways in which aphids damage plants?

Compromise foliage, encourage ants, introduce pathogens, remove sap, and welcome fungi are ways in which aphids damage plants.Specifically, the insect in question (Aphidoideasuperfamily) breaks through foliage in order to access life-sustaining, nutrient-rich phloem and xylem sap. It excretes honeydew, which appeals to ants committed to sugar-rich -- as opposed to protein-rich -- diets and to black sooty mold. It leaves openings which remain permanent because of the sheaths which an aphid piercing mouthpart uses to break into foliage.

Why cant you get water in the guinea pigs eyes?

Guinea Pig eyes, are very, very sensitive. They can barely see and are almost blind, with shadowy vision. Splashing water in their eyes may further damage them.

What can put on to the skin before going into the chlorinated water pool in order to avoid the damge caused by the chlorine?

There is nothing you can do about it. in any case the damage done to your skin by chlorine is no worse then using soap when you have a shower.

Do cicadas destroy crops?

The large number of cicada adults that emerge often arouses fear that crops will be destroyed. However, adult cicadas do not feed on foliage and shouldn't damage plants.

Can i use bleach in marble fountain to kill algae?

It is not a good idea to use bleach to kill algae in your water fountain. The bleach will corrode the plastic tubing and can damage your fountain pump since it is made mostly of plastic. Bleach can also be harmful to children and wildlife that may be attracted to the fountain. There are several products made specifically for eliminating algae from water fountains and it is best to use these. They are non-toxic and specifically designed to be effective without being harmful or damaging. A great place to find fountain supplies is Good luck!

What would happen if you fed a plant acid?

Depends on the concentration of the acid. Anything below a pH of about 4 will seriously damange the plant if you get it on the foliage, and will burn and damage the root system - resulting in death

Will magnesium sulphate damage a copper fountain?

Not the copper, but what about everything else in the system? It will also slowly precipitate as it reacts with things like carbon dioxide dissolved in the water.

What injury do safety goggles prevent?

Safety goggles prevent objects from hitting the eyes, which could scratch or damage them. They also prevent liquid from splashing up into the eyes (which, in a lab, could be hot, cold, corrosive, toxic, etc.).

What do ten-lined June beetles eat?

The ten-line June beetle eats foliage but does not damage the plant. Their larvae feed on plant roots and can be very destructive by weakening and sometimes killing the plants.

How can you neutralize chlorine from the pool water on fabric such as bathing suits and lawn furniture?

Most often swimsuit damage (like hair and skin damage) is caused by improperly chlorinated pool water. If there is too little chlorine in the water you get chloramines (or combined- chlorines) forming - and these are the things which have a strong chlorine odor and are the casue of pretty much everything chlorine gets the blame for. If the water is shocked these combined chlorines will be removed. If the water is kept properly chlorinated and shocked as required I don't think you will see the fabric damage. A saline system in fact shocks the water constantly and you will rarely find combined-chlorine in a pool using the salt water system as the means of purification.

What are camo's upgrades?

STARTING POWERSSun BurstBlast enemies with concentrated life energy in the form of a tiny sun.Firecracker VinesConjure a vine of rapid growth and incredibly explosive bounty.BASIC UPGRADESSearing Sun BlastSun burst does increased damage.Melon FountainSend melons flying everywhere.Firecracker FoodFirecracker vines do increased damage.Vigorous VinesFirecracker vines move quicker and further."CHOOSE YOUR PATH" UPGRADESMELON MASTERRing Of MightThe melon fountain blasts out more melons.Melon GMOThe melon fountain does increased damage.Melon FortressHide in the melon fountain, then send melons flying.VINE VIRTUOSOMartial BountyFirecracker vines create more exploding melons.Peppers Of PotencyFirecracker vines do even more increased damage.ProliferationCreate 2 firecracker vines at once.ULTIMATE UPGRADEOrbiting Sun ShieldCreate a sun burst shield.

What has the author Richard Elroy Welton written?

Richard Elroy Welton has written: 'Seasonal activities of two species of eriophyid mites on holly and their relation to foliage damage' -- subject(s): Holly, Mites, Diseases and pests

Keeping Your Water Fountain Looking and Operating at its Best?

Outdoor water fountains have the ability of creating atmospheres when used around your home. Whether you are searching for ways of adding elegance, serenity or sophistication to your home and property then installing water fountains may be the answer. There are some maintenance requirements that are necessary in order to keep your water fountain looking and operating at its best. For areas where cold and harsh winter conditions are experienced, there is certain storing or securing methods that should be performed as well.Storing or Securing Your Water Fountain in Harsh Weather ConditionsPeople spend a great deal of time and money purchasing their water fountains that they use around their property to create specific atmospheres. In areas where the weather gets cold and snow or ice accumulation is possible, water fountains should be removed and stored inside if possible, or covered to prevent damage to their structure. Ice and snow build up has the potential to crack the cement structure of the fountain or get into the pump and water supply lines, causing them to break, stretch or sustain other damage, causing them to become non-functional. All water should be drained from the water fountain when you finish using this fixture for the season and prior to the cold weather season within your area. Simple things such as wrapping the fountain structure with a tarp can prevent damage to the water fountain. The tarps should be securely tied in place with rope or duct tape so that the tarp does not become loose during harsh weather or winds.Repairing Damage to the Structure of Your Water FountainIf your water fountain does happen to sustain cracks in its foundation, these may be able to be repaired without having to replace the entire fountain. The most common areas where this type of damage is noticed are mainly around the base or across the sides of the fountain. First, you must locate the cracks that are in your fountain. Not locating all of the cracks can cause further damage to take place.Second, use a clear sealant to fill in the cracked area. There are several varieties of sealant that can be used including a liquid concrete, clear silicone or outdoor strength epoxy that you can purchase through any hardware store or home improvement store in your area. Make sure that you read the instructions that are included by the manufacturer to get the best results.Make sure that the sealant is pushed down into the crack and smoothened out so that the repair is not noticeable and takes away from the appearance of your water fountain. You can use a small putty knife or plastic scraper to help with this process. Make sure that you use protect gear on your hands and over your clothing when using the sealant. Once your repair is complete just allow it to sit for the required setting time. If you need to paint your water fountain you can do so once the sealant has had an adequate time to harden.

What is mustard gas and its use?

(Cl-CH2CH2)2S + 2H2O or 3(Cl-CH2CH2)2S + 2P(OH)3 or (ClCH2CH2)2S It is a chlorinated sulfurous gas used in warfare as it blisters exposed flesh, which results in even worse damage when inhaled.

Why wont spells do damage runescape?

If you are wearing melee armor, you may keep splashing when casting magic spells. This is because your magic rating decreases when you wear equipment like heavy armor. Wearing magic equipment will make sure that you'll hit your target each time.

Is it easy to clean the Cobblestone Cascade Outdoor Fountain Can any fungus be removed with bleach?

The fountain is made of fiberglass making it very easy to clean. The upper wild bird wading deck is easily removable making the cleaning process even simpler. While bleach will not damage the fiberglass and can be used, the company offers several algae and stain cleaners that are recommend for usage.

Why is a tsunami so dangerous?

A tsunami is a series of waves the move fast across a deep ocean. They can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour apart. The force of the water splashing on the shoreline is what makes them dangerous. Many people are killed because they go to see the damage from the first tsunami and get hit by the next.

What is an emergency eyewash fountain used for?

Emergency eyewash stations, common in chemical labs and industrial buildings, are used for flushing chemicals or small particles out of your eyes. It is inadvisable to touch the eyes with your fingers, especially when particles have gotten in the eyes, as it will generally just rub the particles deeper and cause more damage. Instead, the eyes are held in the fountain while open to dilute the chemicals until they are no longer harmful.