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Chlorine is toxic if ingested. This applies to ducks as well as humans. Another answer: If you are talking about regular chlorinated water that comes out of the faucet (tap water)...then no. You don't need to save rainwater for them or buy spring water or anything like that. They do just fine on tap water.

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Q: Will chlorine hurt ducks
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Are ducks affected by chlorine in a swimming pool?

Ducks can tolerate limited contact with chlorine pools. Since natural habitat is lost in urban areas, ducks have little choice. Set up a chlorine-free wading pool for wild mallards.

Can ducks swim?

yes, no only if there hurt

Do humans hurt birds?

Ducks, at least.

What should you do when your best friend throws a ball at ducks?

say don't through it to the ducks they get hurt

Will a male duck hurt the baby ducks?

Male ducks can be territorial and may sometimes kill ducklings!

Is chlorine needed for guppies?

NO you should never have chlorine in with your guppy it could hurt the fish

Do chlorine fumes hurt hedgehogs?

chlorine fumes are harmful for most living things...

How does chlorine hurt your body?

It melts you from the inside out

Why does it hurt when ducks bite?

that is the purpose of biting for any animal

Does chlorinated water hurt dogs?

Chlorine is a poison and will hurt anything given sufficient quantity no

Can high levels of chlorine hurt humans?

yes my friend it will hurt. High levels can be deadly.

What do ducks use to hurt its prey?

ducks really don't have prey and they dont hunt they jus really eat what ever comes there way

Chlorine and why its harmful...?

it can hurt you and stuff and it is hurtful to things. ya

Will chlorine hurt a scratch?

Yes. And it will take FOREVER to heal.

Is chlorine harmful?

Yes, very. Diluted Chlorine (the stuff used in pools) can hurt your eyes, skin and lungs, and pure Chlorine is deadly, especially the gas.

How do you protect the skin from chlorine water?

Not really a way to do that. Chlorine adjusted correctly should not hurt your skin unless you are allergic to chlorine and there is other ways a pool can be treated without using chlorine.

How does low pH hurt a pool?

Your chlorine consumption will be greatly increased.

Will chlorine hurt your wounds?

It would sting but the chlorine would has natural chemicals that help you cut but if it is deep I recommend seeing a doctor

Will chlorine hurt painted turtles?

Yes. Your turtle will die a horrible, slow death of starvation is they come in contact with chlorine.

Does draining a chlorine spa hurt trees?

No nothing to worry about I have trees at the down hill side of pool and they cop heaps of chlorine water and are thriving.

What would happen if there was ever a spill of chlorine gas?

if chlorine whent on your skin you would know about it because it will burn you and it would really hurt xx

Ducks in swimming pools?

This is not a good idea, because of the chlorine in the swimming pool water. Chlorine is important to sanitise the water. Unfortunately the duck droppings will soon overpower the sanitiser. Ducks are a big issue. They do not belong in our pools and they need to be safely encouraged to move on and not return. Our product is new to the world and does all of this. Kings duck solution.

Why is polyester better than feathers for stuffing?

well im not sure but i dont like to hurt ducks

Ducks in pool?

Ducks could stay in pools, but it cant have chlorine or saltwater, its a good idea to just let them stay in freshwater, its more safer, natural, healthier, and more fun for them :) i hope this information works ♥

Will draining your chlorine pool water onto your flowers hurt them?

Yes. It could kill them.