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Counseling, in my opinion, always should be tried as a solution to help save the relationship before breaking up is considered as the only means of happiness. A partner can become controlling for many reasons (he or she has their own confidence issues and controlling his or her partner could be a boost to their ego), but that behavior cannot continue as resentment builds up and eventually breaks the relationship up. Relationship counseling can be very helpful for a couple, even if the two don't stay together. Human beings weren't born with instruction booklets and, in taking the nurture versus nature approaching, the way one was raised could significantly get in the way of certain biological tendencies and matters if the heart human beings were born with to help couples thrive and make babies. We weren't meant to be attracted to people with whom we are not compatible. Yet, society is making it very hard to be happy in a relationship. My advice: Try talking to a professional. The worse that could happen is you break up, but go away with a little more knowledge you can use in your next relationship endeavor.

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Q: Will counseling help your partner's controlling narcissistic behavior or is it a waste of your time?
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What is conjoint marital counseling?

Counseling both partners simultaneously

If you have a narcissistic parent could you end up in a narcissistic relationship?

If you've been exposed to narcissistic abuse in childhood, you're more likely to end up with narcissistic partners if you haven't worked through your abuse. Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs) have a number of issues to resolve.

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What is marital counseling?

Marital counseling is counseling which is focused on the marriage. The difference between this and individual counseling would generally be that both spouses are present, and that the counselor is on "the side of the relationship". Both partners will tend to have parts in co-creating the marriage (making it unhappy as well as making it happier). The job, then, of the marital counselor, is to advocate for all change that is positive to the relationship, and not to "take a side" between the couple.

Should You Consider Marriage Counseling?

Should You Consider Marriage CounselingWhen faced with a troubled marriage, partners often find themselves drifting apart emotionally and physically. While professional marriage counseling remains an option, many couples question if the expense and effort would really help or if it would cause more problems to emerge. Couples wonder if they should try to work out the differences on their own, hope for the issues to resolve themselves or seek solo counseling.Couples who advocate for marriage counseling appreciate the opportunity to discuss feelings, hurts and misunderstandings in a neutral location. With a trained mediator, both spouses share their opinions and thoughts on issues they face. The counselor assists both partners in viewing life through the eyes of their spouse.The disadvantages of counseling arise when the session undergoes a metamorphosis from helpful sharing into accusations and complaints. When one partner attacks the other without taking time to listen, the accused partner feels cornered and may avoid further conversation. Without resolution, the counseling session results in a greater rift between the partners.In this video you can listen to real life advice from other couples. Here, you find advice from couples who have participated in marriage counseling. Hear their perspective before deciding if your troubled marriage would benefit from receiving counseling.If you choose to pursue counseling, find a marriage counselor who listens with compassion and empathy to both partners. Impartial, an effective counselor asks open-ended questions and referees if necessary. Local clergy and family advocacy groups suggest licensed counselors in your area.

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You should have just done the homework for your SCI/163 class.LOL! I'm just assuming that you are @ UOP because I'm looking for the same question that is written the same way.Have a great day!PARTNER COUNSELING AND REFERRALWhen HIV infection is diagnosed, patients should be encouraged to disclose their HIV status to their current sex partners and previous sex partners and recommend that these partners be tested for HIV infection. The Office of Public Health Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) can assist patients by notifying, counseling, and providing HIV testing for partners without disclosing the patient's identity. Providers should inform patients who receive a new diagnosis of HIV infection that they will be contacted by the health department staff for a voluntary interview to discuss notification of their partners. SBHC staff are not responsible for notifying partners.

What initial understanding must a couple in marriage counseling arrive at?

The marriage counselor then works with the couple to help them understand that, in most cases, both partners are contributing to problems in the relationship.

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Are same-sex partners in the Australian state of Queensland permitted by law to obtain domestic violence orders against their abusive partner?

Yes, they are also entitled to counseling services provided by the government.

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Antennas go up when I read this question. There may be cultural or social differences here; I'm assuming you are in a western culture where women and men have the same rights and privileges, and where husbands do not have the right to force their wives to do anything.I'm also assuming that his desire to control your behavior has nothing at all to do with you seeing former partners or boyfriends. While he still couldn't force you not to see such guys, it would be understandable that he would have some strong opinions in the matter.No, he cannot. You are not in prison; he is not your god or your owner. If this is really troubling you, you may want to seek some couples counseling, or individual counseling if he is not inclined. You may want to know ahead of time what you would do (who you would call or where you would go) in the event that his control. Counselors, social workers, maybe even physicians should be able to give you some leads on shelters you might consider, shelters that make every effort to stay hidden from controlling or abusive partners. It sounds like you are in the earlier stages of the relationship. I'm not suggesting it's hopeless; I just hope that you don't have to suffer for years and years at the hands of an over-controlling partner before you see the light.

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OpinionMarriage counseling.OpinionIt doesn't sound like she is going to change. If you can't think of why you married her in the first place then perhaps it's time to go your separate ways so you can find partners that better suit each of you. It is not likely that counseling can change her personality although it sounds as though she is depressed.

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