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It could, but probably you would benefit more. But, even better, do not enter into conversations with him about justifying your time out--much less answer his call at 3 am. You should say to him that you need to have reasonable conversations at a decent hour and then honor that yourself. Yes. PLEASE go now. Go, even if he will NOT. First, are YOU working on YOUR self esteem and setting limits for your behavior? Second, are you working on SAYING I want, I think, I believe, before sentences? Third, are you working on saying you COULD do this instead of you SHOULD do this...I WANT to do this instead of I HAVE to do this? It helps to write. It helps to ask questions. is also really good at these. Try Here: It's not likely that this person will change with counseling unless they recognise the problem and genuinely look for change. They certainly wont change without it, either! Good Luck!!

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Q: Will counseling solve your boyfriend's jealous behavior if it's going ok but you went out with your girlfriends last night and he called at 3 am verbally abusing you?
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counseling seems a better first step. find out what is making him so angry all the time and if you are willing to wait for him to get over it.

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Will your verbally emotionally and sometimes physically abusive husband ever change?

Sure, he's likely to get worse. Things won't get better unless you make it happen. Either leave him or make him go with you for marriage counseling. See where it goes from there.

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If you have to ask... Then you are probably being abused verbally.

How do you tell your partner he is being verbally abusive and what is the most productive way to handle his reaction?

There are two ways to approach it. I call them the submissive and the conflictive postures. You have to just tell him calmly that the way he talks to you really bothers you and you feel it is a bit abusive. If he begins to yell and call you names, tell him that is the behavior you are talking about and you don't want to talk to him when he is like that. You really want to talk to him and work it out, but you won't talk to him when he is like that. And you and he can talk more when he calms down. Offer to get counseling with him if you feel he isn't stopping on his own. Sometimes people grow up being verbally abused and don't really know it. Then they verbally abuse, but don't realize it is abusive because it is "normal" to them. Talking to him and telling him how you feel about it may help, but it also may not.

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How do you deal with your mother who is extremely inconsistent nothing is ever good enough blames everything on you and who finds any reason to yell at you?

It sounds like your mother is very overwhelmed and stressed out, but that is no excuse for verbally or emotionally abusing you. Your mother needs counseling to help her deal with her issues and stress factors. Counseling might not be a bad idea for you, too, considering you've felt like her scapegoat.

My mom verbally abuses me. why?

The abused adult in your life has psychological issues. Your mother may have been abused herself when she was younger- This needs attention immediately -you never stated your age. This will cause damage to your self esteem as other issues. You need counseling right away along with your mother. Consult with a guidance counselor in your school for help on where to go in your area for professional counseling.

Should you leave a verbally and emotionally abusive husband?

yes you should because verbally and emotionally abusing someone is wrong and the person that is receiving that doesn't deserve it...AnswerIf your husband is on any medications then look up the side effects on Type in the name of the drug. Sometimes people on medications can have varied personality changes. If this isn't the case then suggest that either he goes with you to some type of counseling or it's over! If he refuses to help himself then yes, it's time to leave. Life is too precious to waste over someone that is miserable, demanding, and verbally abusive. Remember, look up any meds your husband is on and it wouldn't hurt you to see your family doctor and see if there is any way the doctor could get your husband in for a so-called physical to see if there are any reasons for this behavior.

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