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any soap will, if you leave it on for about 15 minutes but it is very importlant to throughly rinse it off the dog, to avoid skin irritation...also if you include some garlic powder in their food, it repells fleas

Garlic is actually known to be bad for dogs, so I would avoid adding it to their food in any form. Dawn dish detergent is so effective on fleas--not because of suffocation because we have used other soaps that do not work at all--it kills them instantly. To avoid a dry coat after a shampoo, follow up with a moisturizing shampoo for dogs.

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Q: Will dawn dish washing liquid get rid of fleas on dogs?
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How does dawn dish washing liquid kill fleas on dogs?

The oils in the dish soap will suffocate the fleas.

Are Dawn dish soap and Palmolive dish soap the same?

As in dish-washing liquid, Yes. brands, No.

Does dawn dish soap kill fleas in yard?

Dawn dish soap is great for killings fleas in homes and outside in the yard. Dawn dish soap can be mixed with vinegar and water which will kill fleas and repel them from pets.

Can you give a dog a bath with dish washing liquid?

yes you can.. and it is best to use on puppys for fleas and ticks..

Will dawn dish washing liquid get rid of fleas on cats?

Yes, I got a kitten a year ago, and the poor thing was infested with fleas! The kitten was too young for flea shampoo, so we decided to try dawn dishwashing liquid and it worked. If you do research on fleas, you'll find that if you put a candle in a bowl with dish wash water on the floor at night, fleas will go to it and drown in the water. This is because it cuts the tension in water and they will drown. Same principal applies to putting it on your cat, it will kill them. I washed my kitten in water with dawn dish washing liquid and then comb the fur with a comb.....regular one from the dollar general store made for humans :) and they would fall right out, all dead! My kitten had no skin reaction. We did have to take him to get dewormed. When cats have lots of fleas they may accidently ingest some when cleaning their fur. This causes cats to get worms.

What will get fleas out of your hair?

wash your hair with dawn dish soap! the fleas drown in it!

Can you do me a investigatory project camias as dish washing liquid?

how to make a dish washing liquid without chemicals

How does dish washing liquid effect plant growth?

is dish washing liquid o.k. to water plants?

How do you clean oil off pet?

Dawn dish washing liquid works great. Just don't get it in their eyes.

Where in new zealand can you buy dawn dish washing liquid?

To find Dawn dishwashing liquid in New Zealand, check with discount stores, dollar stores, and grocery stores. Dawn is available in many scents and sizes.

What is the socioeconomic benefits of a dish washing liquids?

what is the socioeconomic benefits of a dish washing liquid?

Will dawn dish washing liquid harm you if swallowed?

It will result in diarrhea and stomach ache. And you need to drink alot of water.

What is the most used dish detergent?

The most used dish detergent is dish-washing liquid. This happens because many homes have a dish-washer. Apart from dish-washing liquid also dish soap is used or dish concentrated liquid.

How is dish washing liquid a liquid?

your moms house!

What is Dawn dish detergent?

A soap for washing dishes.

What is the pH of dish washing liquid?

These washing liquids are basic.

Does Dawn dish washing liquid kill fleas on dogs?

Yes. Lather up the dog or cat and let the shampoo sit for 5 to 10 minute's. The soap smothers the fleas. also Dawn is great for getting grease, and any other substance that may have gotten on the coat. It stripes off the bad stuff but still leaves the natural balance in the coat.

What to bathe a 5 week old shih-zu Puppy that has fleas?

dawn dish washing soap//leave it on a few minutes and put it on dry pup. It will kill the fleas as good as any chemical. ONLY use dawn blue kind,,,and you can dilute it if its concentrated

You have no neutralizing shampoo what to do?

You can use Dawn dish washing liquid, it balances out the Ph just like a neutralizer would (emergency case)

What effect does adding sugar to dish washing liquid have on the bubbles?

Adding sugar to dish washing liquid will increase the amount of lather and bubbles.

How to get fleas out of dogs?

buy some BLUE DAWN DISH SOAP. the dies (from the blue) kill the fleas on contact.

Were does dawn dish- detergent comes from?

Dish washing detergent is oil based

What is the best way to get rid of face oil on pillow cases?

Wash it in really hot water after pre treating it with dawn dish washing liquid. Use lots of dawn.

Is dish washing liquid soluble in water?

Yes, dish washing liquid is soluble in water. The whole purpose of dish washing liquid is to make oily substances dissolve more easily in water, so it would have to be water soluble to perform its function.

What is the Ph level of Dawn liquid dish soap?

Dawn liquid dish soap is a base, so it must have a pH of over 7