Will diamonds burn in a cremation retort?

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Customarily, according to Wikipedia, below: " Jewellery, such as necklaces, wrist-watches and rings, are ordinarily removed before cremation, and returned to the family."

Otherwise, some processes strain human ashes for metal fragments, which are increasingly recycled. A diamond stone would certainly survive cremation: it has the highest melting temperature of any mineral which is not approached during a commercial cremation process.
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Do diamonds burn?

Yes. Diamonds are made of carbon and will burn to form carbondioxide if heated in the presence of oxygen.

What is a retort stand?

Use : It is used for holding or supporting apparatus during experiments used for holding objects in position

Function of retort stand?

A retort is a type of glassware used by chemists. A retort stand supports the retort.

Can you use aluminum can for retortable products?

The simple answer is yes - Aluminium is in regular use for retort packs. You can find retorted packs of petfood (the small square foil-lidded trays) which are all aluminum and you'll also fins some aluminum cans of pate, fish etc all of which are retorted.. The tendency to use steel cans has been, I ( Full Answer )

How do you get Blast Burn in Pokemon Diamond?

Answer . There is a hut on route 228 right above the resort area, and the old man there teaches the moves blast burn, frenzy plant and hydro cannon to only starters.. But you need to have nationaldex to get there. I suggest getting and training your Pokemon before you go there, because your Poke ( Full Answer )

What is a retort and how is it used?

retort. is used as a verb........a transitive verb like respond sharply. - to say something sharp, angry, witty. and a noun like sharp answer. - something sharp or insulting said quickly in response to something somebody else has said. and its origin. - 15th century. < Latin retort-, past part ( Full Answer )

What is the use of the retort stand?

A retort stand is an item used in a Science Lab or classroom used mainly for the subject of Chemistry. Retort stands hold beakers, conical flasks etc with a clamp and keep the object still. Bunsen Burners can then be placed underneath as well as many other methods of chemistry. In short; retort stan ( Full Answer )

Can diamonds burn?

Yes, Lavoisier performed this experiment in the 1700s, and proved that diamonds were an allotrope of carbon. Temperature for combustion about 700 o C. it turns into ash after burned

When cremated will a persons bones burn to ash?

Yes, there may be some whole teeth left in the ashes.. no not usually because they are usually burned to much the way they are burned so there might be some big chuncks of ash but not probly teeth

Use retort in a sentence?

Unable to think of a suitable retort, i remained silent In response to the retort the chemist seized the retort.

What is a retort pouch?

A flexible sealed pouch or package in which food can be stored for long period without spoiling.

How are you cremated?

Cremation is a process in which a body is placed in a cremation chamber where through heat and evaporation the body is reduced to its basic elements. This is normally done at a crematorium or a funeral home equipped with cremation equipment.

Retorted in a sentence?

" I really do not care what you think" she retorted,with a toss of her head she walked out the door.

How do you use a retort stand?

A retort stand is to hold a test tube/ boiling tube. 1. Turn the side knob( by the "t" on the retort stand) and release it. 2. Put the test tube/boiling tube in the test tube/boiling tube holder. 3. TIGHTEN the side knob ( if not the test tube/ boiling tube will drop). 4. Adjust the height of the r ( Full Answer )

Who invented the retort stand?

A retort stand has a base made of cast iron and its rod is made ofsteel. Its dimensions are 6 inches x 4 inches for base, and 18inches length for its rod. It was invented by Jabir ibn Hayyan.

What is the function of retort stand?

A retort stand is also referred to as a ring stand. It is a pieceof equipment that is used in science and clamps can be attached tohold test tubes and other equipment in place.

What product is formed when you burn diamond?

"Diamonds don't burn, unless you can find a heat source equal to 3820 degrees Kelvin (6416F, 3546C), then diamonds simply melt." -last person actually diamonds do burn at about 800*C

Will a diamond burn in a house fire?

Probably not. Not even human bones are consumed in a standard house fire. In regard to the above, calcium is a metal, believe it or not your bones are made mostly of metal (alkaline earth metal). Diamond on the other hand is pure carbon, an allotrope of carbon like charcoal, except with the atoms ( Full Answer )

Can acid burn through a diamond?

Diamonds are basically carbon atoms arranged in a very strong, cubic formation. Because of this molecular form, it is not possible for most acids to burn through the diamond. This is because the strong bounding of a diamond's structure takes much more energy than the free H+ in an acid solution to b ( Full Answer )

What is retort clamp used for?

A retort clamp is used to attach other aparatus, such as flasks and test tubes, to a retort stand.

Is the word retorted a noun?

No. . A retort is a noun. . To retort is a verb. It is a regular verb and the past tense is formed by adding '- ed ' to the verb. . retorted is the past tense form of the verb 'retort'. . e.g. "You have no right to say that," she retorted.

When cremating do they burn casket too?

Wooden caskets are usually burned. Metal caskets more seldomly.Sometimes a rental casket (made of either metal or wood) is usedfor the service; after the service the cardboard cremationcontainer is taken out of the rental casket and burned. There havebeen a few fraud cases in which the funeral direc ( Full Answer )

Can you burn diamond?

yes. a diamond burns at 800 degrees centigrade. and i may add, this temperature is well in the realm of a house fire.

What is a Retort stand use for?

Retort stand are use for experiments that requires apparatus to be like standing upright or hanging something say a pendulum bob or in chemistry with the spider clamp to hold the burette for titration. It varies for different experiments as it has many uses. But most of the time is just to support a ( Full Answer )

What is condescending retort?

A condescending retort is a reply which conveys the attitude that you are better than the person to whom you are speaking.

What was accidentally cremated?

Anne's fountain pen, a gift from her grandmother, was accidentally swept into the stove, and being made of celluloid, it burned easily - only the pocket clip survived the fire.

Does the coffin get burned at cremations?

Yes. Due to the heat there are very little ashes from a wooden coffin left . Any metal work ( handles) is recycled if the Crematorium has such a scheme.

Does a diamond burn?

YES, Diamond burns at about 800°C, giving off carbon dioxide just like charcoal. Another Answer Diamond has the highest melting point of any mineral: 3,820 degrees Kelvin, which is 6,416.33 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3,546.85 degrees Celsius.

What if your loved ones cremated can be turned into diamonds?

Indeed, cremated remains can be pressed into diamonds. The dark powder released during cremation, which is carbon, is heated to produce graphite. Then the graphite is sent to a lab that synthesizes it into fancy coloured diamonds.

What will happend if diamond burned at 1200 degree centigrade?

Probably nothing, but this is an expensive experiment to conduct. Diamond has the highest melting point of any mineral (3820 degrees Kelvin), which converts to 3,546.85 degrees Celsius. (The Centigrade measurement has essentially be abandoned. According to Sizes.com: "The problem was that the ice ( Full Answer )

What is a good sentence for the word 'retort'?

"Indeed some of the retorts made by government officials whenever this topic is brokered appear to be purely a tactic of obfuscation!" His retort went unanswered.

What is a sentence with the word retorted?

the student retorted to the teacher that there is no when her teacher says accidentally that there is garbage under your desk and pick i up.

Did he get cremated?

um when u get that its when u pass away and ur family or friend[s] turn u into ashes and keeps u 4 ever

How does diamond burn in house fire?

Diamond has the highest melting point of any natural mineral. A diamond will probably not be affected by a 'house fire', but its setting might show damage.

What is purpose of a retort stand?

To support a retort, of course. (A retort is a specialized, and largely obsolete, piece of chemistry apparatus. Most chemists use the more generic term "ring stand" ... even though there may not be any rings involved either. It's basically a vertical metal pole with a weighted base on which vario ( Full Answer )

How do diamonds burn in oxygen?

Diamond has the highest melting point of any mineral: 3,820 degrees Kelvin, which is 6,416.33 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3,546.85 degrees Celsius. Oxygen is required in this process as is a very hot flame.

What does it mean when someone has a good retort?

It is said that someone has a good retort when they have said something creative or original in reply to something said to them. Having a good retort is the same as having a good reply.

Can a diamond be burned to nothing?

The heat required to perform this task exceeds 3,820 Kelvin, or 6416.33 Fahrenheit, which is the melting point of diamond.

Can you make diamonds from burning coal?

No, you cannot make diamonds by burning coal. To turn coal intodiamonds, you need tremendous heat and also tremendous pressure.Merely burning the coal is not nearly enough heat, and you wouldalso still need to increase the pressure. Another Answer The molecules in coal are arranged differently fr ( Full Answer )