Will dinosaurs come back to life?

Some people believe that dinosaurs will come back in their lifetime.
Some people believe that they will come back after there lifetime.
Some people believe they will be cloned.
Some people believe, that they will never come back.
What ever you believe, you can believe.
They might. It is said that all we have to do to bring the dinosaurs back is get some DNA of them(like maybe some skin) and place it in a frog. then, the frog will lay eggs and we'll have the dinosaurs back........but, that hasn't been proven yet!
-dino-b, the dinosaur expert and lover

Acually , they have tried to clone the found a thigh bone a t rex in Montana since there was such an abundance of them already they decided to use it for testing so jack horner and his team cut into it. Inside they found what looked like tissue when looking through a microscope as they put a solution on it, it got squishy they tried using they tissue but there was just too little of it plus no blood. But I think if they find more specimen like that , that it will be possible.
The extinct ones will never return. Extinction, like death, is forever. However, not all dinosaurs went extinct. Modern birds are now classified as dinosaurs and it has been speculated that under the right circumstances some of the more classic dinosaur-like traits could return through evolution. There are some birds that have re-evolved claws on their wings.