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Peroxide is a powerful poison but will not cause a miscarriage and may indeed kill the mother or make her extremely ill.

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Q: Will drinking peroxide cause a miscarriage and will it kill mothers that trying to drink it?
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Can drinking vinegar cause a miscarriage?

No. Drinking any amount of vinegar will not cause a miscarriage at any point of time in a pregnancy. It's definitely NOT a good idea to try to end a pregnancy by taking any household preparations or drugs unsupervised. No other preparations should be used to attempt causing a miscarriage. Most will not work, and none will work safely. Trying to cause a miscarriage without the guidance of a physician may cause serious damage to a woman's body and health

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What is the active ingredient in hydrogen peroxide?

I don't know I am trying to figure it out

How many months after a miscarriage is safe for pregnancy?

It may depend on the reason for the miscarriage and how far into the pregnancy she was. There is no reason not to start trying again right away, after a very early miscarriage - with your doctor's OK.

Is it risky to become pregnant after a miscarriage?

It's not risky, it just depends on what caused the miscarriage, what was performed for the miscarriage and how far a long you were when you had the miscarriage. I am four months pregnant after two miscarriages and everything is going great. Check out this article for advice on trying to conceive after a miscarriage:

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Trying to conceive after miscarriage did not need dc do not really have to wait for a cycle to try again how long were you fertile while trying after miscarriage never had one previous two pregs norm?

I was told to wait one cycle then try again!

You have read that after a miscarriage women get pregnant before there first cycle because you ovulate 2 weeks after a miscarriage is this safe or do you need to wait a cycle to start trying again?

My dr. told me you can start trying to conceive right away after a miscarriage as you are most fertile then. The problem they (the dr.'s) have with it is that it may be hard to determine how far along you would be in your new pregnancy. As long as you feel ready to start trying again there really is no medical reason you should wait. I had a miscarriage mar. of this year and this is what my dr. told me

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I just had a miscarriage when i was 6 weeks and now i have been trying to get pregnant again. Is that possible?


When is it safe to try and conceive after a miscarriage?

You can start trying to conceive as soon as YOU feel physically and emotionally ready.

What are the chances that you can conceive again three months after having a miscarriage?

Chances are very good.. They say that something like 75% of women who have a miscarriage go on to have healthy, normal pregnancies. Check out this article on trying to conceive after a miscarriage:

Why wont your dog throw up after ingesting hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide doesn't work in about one third of dogs and most vets no longer recommend trying it to get a dog to vomit up something.

Are periods heavier when trying to get pregnant?

No. The body doesn't know you are trying to get pregnant when you start menstruating. There is nothing that would do that. If you are pregnant and have a early miscarriage you would bleed more.

How will derek react to meredith's miscarriage?

He acted wonderfully to her. He really wanted her to have a baby so they just kept trying.

How can you get a miscarriage?

You can have a miscarriage by not taking are of yourself, or Alot of stress, something that could upset u so bad that u stay depressed etc. smoking, drinking, Falling is a very common way to miscarry. If Your trying to miscarry tho u shouldn't its not something somebody should try to do i wish i could have carried to full term and i didn't. So if you are pregnant take care of yourself Children are blessings :)

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If a pregnant girl take a birth control bill can they have a miscarriage?

It is possible. If she is trying to have a miscarriage; not the best way. If she accidentally took one; don't worry to much, it shouldn't and probably won't have much affect on the baby at all.

How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant?

I would wait to 4-7 weeks before trying again... So your uterus heals..

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How soon can you try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

I would ask your doctor. It depends a lot on how far along you were, what caused the miscarriage and what was performed (a d&c or something else) I had a d&c and my doc had me wait 3 months to give my uterus time to heal. Check out the article linked below about trying to conceive after a miscarriage.

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