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Will eating talcum powder harm you?

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2015-07-17 17:48:17

What is more important is the reason behind why you crave talcum

powder. It is a form of disorder called pica and usually indicates

iron deficiency anemia (reduced ability of blood cells to carry

oxygen). You need to get a blood test done to check for hemoglobin

and iron levels. If it is found that you have low iron levels you

simply have to take an iron pill daily to boost your levels back

up. You will slowly see your cravings for talcum powder go away as

iron levels increase. The iron pill can sometimes irritate your

stomach, so an iron in solution formulation is also available

(there is one made by Enfalac - fer in sol).

It could dry out your throat from the powder-dust causing, as

previously stated-respiratory problems. Most of which are temporary

and can be cured by visiting a doctor. It is not suggested that you

eat talc-it's not food-it's a body powder =)

Yes. Because of the consistency, it can be easily inhaled into

the lungs and cause serious respiratory problems.

Talcum powder has been linked to cause cervical cancer in women.

It's generally not a good idea to take it internally, though any

effects related to its ingestion would depend on a variety of

different factors. All in all, it's not good for you.

I have been eating powder since the age of 3 years old I am now

33 years old. My brother was the person who introduced it to me and

I have been hooked ever since. I also will eat black board chalk if

I can not get my hands on the Johnsons baby powder. The baby powder

in England tates so much better than the American one, but they are

both very addictive. I can eat 4oz a day. Going to the supermarket

and Drugstore is a challenge because each time I go I say to my

self that I am not going to eat it any more then I end up picking

up a bottle. I can only eat the original plain baby powder. I have

started taking laxatives to break down the bulk of powder in my

body. I know I am doing harm to myself but I feel like a smoker who

also knows the same thing. I have tried to quit many times the only

time I was successful was when I was pregnant with my second child,

but even then towards the last month of my pregnancy I gave into

the craving. When I use powder on my kids I use the pure cornstarch

baby powder on them because I can not eat that it makes me feel

sick. I would like to know what my organs look like in side and

what effects or damage the powder has done. I have seen my little

boy lick powder of his body and I worry that he had inherrited this

habbit from me.

Some talcum powder contains traces of zinc, (not the good kind).

And if it is really old possibly traces of lead. These is beside

the point however, talcum powder because of its fine consistency

can easily be ingested into the lungs. Thereby causing pulmonary

problems, even pneumonia and/or pulmonary edema. Seek medical

advice, care to find out what is causing you to want to eat this


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