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No, but the flouride in toothpaste is toxic in large doses.

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Q: Will eating toothpaste make you have a fever?
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Will eating toothpaste get you fever?

Yes, or you could go into hospital;L

How do you make your teeth clean after eating hot fries?

Normal brush and toothpaste.

Who make toothpaste?

the toothpaste man

Can you get a fever from eating too much?

My answer would be no i am a type of person who eats a lot and has never gotten a fever for eating a lot so my answer would be no you can not get a fever from eating too much

Will eating toothpaste harm your stomach?

No, it does not. Depends on the type of toothpaste you use. If it spices up your tongue, then it may harm it.

What rocks are used to make toothpaste?

toothpaste rocks

Does eating chalk give you fever?


What do you get if you mix peterium and marium?

An elephant eating broccoli covered in toothpaste.

Does Colgate toothpaste make pimples disappear?

no toothpaste does not make pimples go away the toothpaste only ripens it and get it ready to pop earlier.

What element is used to make toothpaste?

To make toothpaste is sulfates Edit: Fluorine is the element most commonly associated with toothpaste. fluoride is an ion of fluorine.

Can toothpaste be eaten?

Yes, you can eat toothpaste but it's not good for you at all because of all the chemicals in it. If you eat too much toothpaste you could get very sick. I would recommend not eating toothpaste but yes, it technically is edible. Hope I helped :)

What minerals make up toothpaste?

Toothpaste can include the minerals fluorite, for prevention of decay; quartz, as a thickening agent; mica, to make the toothpaste sparkle; and titanium to make it white or opaque.

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