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no... If u are truly saved by Jesus Christ(wich is the ONLY way to be saved) you will go to heaven. if u have not been saved then you will burn in the lake of fire in hell

*You must first believe in Jesus Christ and then start the amazing life of love and forgiveness that comes after that. The Bible or other Christians (followers of Jesus) can help you, and even better is prayer, which is talking to God. It is really a great thing and you should do it so that you will go there!

Muslim viewYou go to Heaven per God, the Creator, Mercy if:
  • You worship God as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate and no equivalence,
  • do ritual worships
  • follow God commands as for what to do and what not to do
  • You do good deeds for the benefit of yourself, family, neighbors, community, mankind, and environment
  • maintain good morals

Refer to questions below for more details.

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Q: Will everyone go to heaven
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Will people go to heaven?

Of course, but not everyone will.

Who will escape the judgment and will not?

Everyone will be judged but believers will go to heaven and unbelievers will go to hell.

When was Heaven for Everyone created?

Heaven for Everyone was created in 1987.

Where the people will go after death?

well in a religious term you'll go to heaven if your good for your religion (and go to the hells of all other religions) and go to hell if your bad. but in my term everyone goes to hell as heaven has to be heaven for everyone, and people just can't get along. However this allows for one person to be in heaven as he/she isn't with anyone else. so see you in hell ;)

Can you be God when you go to heaven?

No. There is only one true God, and that is the Father in heaven. Those who will go to heaven on Judgment Day will be with Him forever. However, not everyone will go to heaven. Although God wants all people to be saved, He is also fair and just. Therefore, wicked people cannot go to heaven. Only God’s true servants will go to heaven.

How do Christian concepts of heaven and hell differ from the Greeks' idea of Hades?

The Underworld in Greek mythology is a place where everyone goes when they die, the bad the good, everyone. There is no heaven or hell.In Christian mythology it is thought the good people go to Heaven while the bad people or 'sinners' go to Hell.

What did Frederick the Great mean when he said In your kingdom everyone can go to heaven in his own fashion?

He said that everyone would have freedom of religion

I was recently told if you die and go to heaven you will not know anyone and you wont remember your loved ones is this true?

you will remember everyone who is in heaven (paradise) with you.

How do you become holy?

No one can ever become holy because everyone sins. Once you go to heaven you're holy then because there is no sin in heaven.

Can Catholics still go to heaven?

Of course, God cares about everyone any religion. He is a forgiving and understanding spirit. You can trust that you will go to heaven through mistake or through life in peace.

If you comit suicide do you go to heaven?

Everyone goes to heaven, what matters is where you go in heaven. Your life is not yours to take; God created your body for you and should should respect and treat it well. God will judge you fairly, but suicide isn't something that's going to get you where you want to be in heaven.

Do the Mormons believe that you must be a Mormon in order to go to heaven?

Not at all! Latter Day Saints (more commonly referred to as Mormons) believe that everyone has a chance in the after life to repent and go to Heaven.

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