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Probably not since the closest galaxy to us is M-31 which is over 2 million light years away.

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What effect is global warming caused by?

Global warming is caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect.

Does chlorine prevent global warming?

No, chlorine has no effect on Global Warming.

Is global warming and Green house effect the same?

the green house effect is caused by global warming.

Does global warming have an effect on having a green Christmas?

Does a green christmas have an effect on global warming.....yes.

Which effect is responsible for global warming?

The enhanced greenhouse effect in our atmosphere is believed to be causing global warming.

Is Global warming due to the greenhouse effect or ozone depletion?

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. To some extent, ozone depletion is the result of global warming.

How do sun spots effect global warming?

They are not really the cause of global warming.

Does global warming effect the biosphere?

Yes. Global warming does affect the bioshpere.

What is the biggest issue regarding global warming?

Effect of global warming seems to be uppermost

What is the greenhouse effect called?

the green house effect called global warming,and the global warming is increasing day-by-day.

Is global warming a cause or a effect of climate change?

Global warming is the cause of climate change.Climate change is the result of global warming.

Is another term for greenhouse effect global warming?

No. The two are not the same. The natural greenhouse effect keeps the planet warm. The enhanced greenhouse effect causes global warming. Global warming causes climate change.

Can the world explode by the effect of global warming?

No the warming is only a warming of the atmosphere.

What is another term for the greenhouse effect?

Global warming, but the two terms are not the same.The natural greenhouse effect keeps the planet warm.The enhanced greenhouse effect causes global warming.Global warming causes climate change.

Does global warming have an effect on volcanos?

No, Global warming has no effect on volcanoes. It's the other way round. Volcanoes can increase global warming slightly if the emit carbon dioxide. And they can reduce global warming for a while if their dust and ash block out and reflect the sun's rays.

What effect does global warming have on tides?

Tides are the result of gravitational forces between the Earth and moon. Global warming would little effect on tidal patterns although sea levels can be affected by global warming.

How does global warming effect Antarctica's marine life?

Global warming refers to the rise in the global temperature due to the Greenhouse Effect. Global warming effects Antarctica's marine life by raising the temperature of the water, so that a lot of the fish are dying.

What effect will global warming have on Australia?

It will be bad

Does global warming effect the land?

yes. It can.

Will greenhouse gas effect global warming?

yes, increases in greenhouse gasses are the dominant cause of global warming.

What gases cause global warming and how?

Greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane, mostly) cause global warming by increasing their levels in the atmosphere. This turns the benign greenhouse effect into an accelerated greenhouse effect which is causing global warming.

What are some problems faced today due to global warming?

Global warming is due to the greenhouse effect. The global warming causes ozone depletion. That can further cause depletion of the ozone.

What effect does global warming have on the bioshere?

The effects on global warming on the bioshere are snow everywhere and cold days... we might even freeze to death... global warming is so COLD.

What is climate change global warming causing?

"Climate Change" and "Global Warming" are not the same, though related. Global Warming causes Climate Change. With Global Warming we understand the warming of the earth's global temperature. That warming has in turn an effect on the earth's global climate and on more localized climates (like the climate of England or Western US).

Could global warming happen without the greenhouse effect?

No. The green house effect happens as a natural phenomenon, but excess of it is causing global warming on the Earth. Global warming can be caused by solar radiation, solar flares and the reduction of the magnetosphere.