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Will filling up your whole tank with diesel hurt your car?


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2011-09-13 17:51:26
2011-09-13 17:51:26

If your car is not a Diesel, YES! It will harm your car. Diesel fuel is less refined than conventional gas. It has contaminants and water in it. You may end up with carburetor problems, and if you have fuel injecion you may have a very costly fuel injector repair on your hands. Please only use the fuel recommended for your car. Most cars nowadays have that printed on the inside of the gas tank door where the cap is.


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Drain the whole thing ... the two fluids mix well. (but a few percent diesel will not hurt a gas engine.)

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Mix it with the fuel, usually just put it in the fuel tank just before filling up with fuel

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Sulfer & water content....and if it's off road diesel fuel - the color. It won't cause problems to use diesel in a heating oil tank, but it will cause a whole lot of trouble if you use heating oil in a diesel tank

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No. Do not put unleaded gas in a diesel tank.

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