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They may, but not very well a queen is bigger than a full, and therefore the smaller fullsize sheets will either not fit at all or only partially fit.

is there a bed sheet extension that i can get for full size sheets on a queen size mattress

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Will full size sheets fit a queen size bed?

no they wont

Can queen sheets fit a Full XL?

Yes, queen sheets will fit an XL full size bed. XL Full size bed dimensions are 54" wide and 80" long while queen size bed dimensions are 60" wide and 80" long, so the queen sheets will fit well lengthwise and you will have about 3" of extra sheet each side width wise

Would a queen size bed frame fit a full size mattress?

Yes, a full size mattress will fit on a queen size bed frame. It may be just a tad bit smaller than the frame, but not too noticeable. I have a full mattress and use full/queen sheets and bedding all the time.

What is the difference in a full size bed and queen size bed?

A queen size bed is a few inches wider than a full size bed.

Will regular queen bed sheets fit queen size waterbed?


Is there really a size difference between a queen sized bed and a full sized bed?

The general answer is that a queen bed tends to be a little bit wider and a little bit deeper (taller) than a full mattress. The length of the beds (head to toe) tends to be the same. However, the big difference usually comes in when buying sheets. While, for the most part, a queen sized sheet will fit a full sized bed and vice versa, different brands may have different sizing. If a brand sells only twin, a full/queen, and king sized sheets, you can safely assume that the full/queen will fit both a full and a queen. Some brands do break it down and sell both a full and a queen size. For these brands, you can probably get their queen size to fit your full bed, but you're likely to find the full size sheet to be too small for a queen sized bed.

Where can you buy queen size Disney bed sheets?


What are the common sizes of bed sheets available?

There are a few common sizes of bed sheets available from retailers. These sizes are generally twin, full, queen and king. On occasion, California king size sheets are also available.

Can a full size bedskirt fit on a queen bed?

No, a full size bedskirt will fit on a full bed

Will twinXL sheets fit a full size bed?

no. Twinxl sheets are designed to fit 38 x 80 mattress; full size bed is 53 x 74.

How can full size mattress fit queen size bed frame?

Technically but a full size bed is 6 inches less in width and 5 inches shorter then a queen size bed.

What is full matrimonial size in sheets mean?

It means they are Full sized sheets. Often newly weds would sleep in a full size bed; hence "full/matrimonial".

Is a queen bed the same as a full bed?

No, they are different in size. The queen is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than the full size.

How do you make a full size bed frame fit a queen size headboard?

i have a full size bed rail and a queen or king size head and foot board how can i make this work

Full bed size?

A full bed is also known as a double bed and is in between a twin and a queen in size. The standard size of a full bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

What comes before queen size in beds?

Okay, the bed size before Queen, is Full.

Bed in a Bag?

form_title= Bed in a Bag form_header= Make buying bedding easy with bed in a bag. What size is the bed?*= {Twin, Full, Queen, King} What color or design do you want on the bedding?*= _ [50] What type of sheets do you want?*= _ [50]

How wide is a trundle bed?

depends on the size of the bed... (twin,full,queen,king...)

What bed is bigger than a twin but smaller than a full?

A queen size bed

What is a king sized bed?

a king sized bed is a bed greater than a queen size but basically the largest of all the beds, sheets, and matresses

Is a full size mattress the same as a queen size?

No a full size mattress and a queen size mattress aren't the same. The full size isn't as wide as the queen size bed. Although you can't really tell merely by looking, but the size of the beds are different.

Where to find queen size teenage mutant ninja turtle bed sheets?,,

Do a twin bed and a full size bed equal a queen?

No - a Full bed is 54" wide and a Queen is 60" wide, the difference between them is only 6". In addition, twin and full beds are both 75" long, but a Queen is 80" long. HTH.

What is the difference in dimensions of a full size bed and a queen size bed?

A Full is 54 x 75 and a Queen is 60 x 80 That's 5 inch dif in length & 6 inches in width

What is the size of full down comforter?

Depends on what size of bed it's intended for, e.g., twin, full, queen, king.

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