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Any kind of upgrade that you do to your house will most likely increase the house's resale value. Hardwood laminate floors are a commodity that a lot of people would pay good money to have.


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When shopping for hardwood floors for your home, you’ll have to make a choice between installing a real hardwood floor or a laminate floor. It might seem like a cut and dry decision that choosing real hardwood is the better option, but owning a laminate floor has its merits. When you have to make the choice between a hardwood floor and a laminate floor, the deciding factor is always money. Hardwood floors cost much more than laminate floors, which makes laminate flooring a great option for people who are on a tight budget. In the past, laminate floors often looked cheap and inferior to real hardwood flooring, but with newer manufacturing techniques and increased consumer demand, it is often hard to tell the difference between a laminate floor and the real thing. The next issue that you need to think about when choosing between a laminate floor and hardwood is where you plan to install the floor. Real hardwood floors are not easy to install in every room. This is because real hardwood planks need to be glued to a subsurface or nailed into place. Doing so may be impractical and expensive. For example, if you have to install a hardwood floor over a cement slab, you will need to level the slab, sand it, and then apply glue, all labor intensive jobs that can cost a lot money. You also have to be careful about installing a real hardwood floor in places like the bathroom or kitchen where there the potential for a lot of exposure to moisture, which may cause the floor to warp or buckle. Instead, a laminate floor may be ideal. These floors are installed very easily without the need for glues or nails and can be placed over virtually any subsurface. Finally, you may want to consider the durability and ease of maintenance that a laminate floor has to offer. Laminate floors are resistant to scratching, fading, staining, and impacts that can damage the surface of real hardwood floors. On top of this, they are easy to clean, needing only a light vacuuming and mopping every now and then. Because of this, they are ideal flooring options for people who have kids or pets that may dirty the house a lot. If you’re making the decision between hardwood and laminate flooring, make sure you think about these things before making your purchase. Real hardwood floors are not suitable for every home and for every family. If yours is one of them, laminate flooring is a good choice.

I have a couple of dogs that are messing up my carpets. Is hardwood floor installation recommended for a house with pets?

Nowadays, "hardwood" is a generic term used for any type of wood flooring. Woods such as pine are considered soft woods but are still used as "hardwood" flooring. In my experience any floor that has finished wood covering the surface is a hardwood floor. The term is used more loosely today. 50 years ago, a "hardwood" floor meant maple, in almost all cases. Today, man-made laminate "wood" might be called a "hardwood" floor, but flooring that is actual pieces of wood will almost always be called a "hardwood" floor. The "finish" floor in most construction nowadays is plywood. The flooring - wood, vinyl, carpeting, whatever - is put down over that.

I just bought a haunted house and need to redo the floors. Is there a guide to hardwood floor installation?

Orange Glo is a Hardwood Floor Care business designed especially for people who live in a house with wooden floors. Some products are "Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner", "Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 Cleaner" and "Hardwood Floor Refinisher".

I am looking to replace the flooring in my house. Is hardwood floor installation something that can be done by an non-professional?

If you’re in the market to purchase new flooring for your home and are interested in wood floors, you’ll be faced with the choice between real hardwood flooring or laminate. While it may seem that choosing real hardwood is the smart choice, there are some things to consider that can make the decision more difficult. The most important factor in choosing between the different types of flooring is your budget. Hardwood floors are many times more expensive than laminate flooring. If you are on a tight budget, you can get the look of a hardwood floor by purchasing a laminate floor. In the past, it was easy to tell the difference between laminate wood floors and true hardwood, but with newer manufacturing processes, it can be difficult to tell the difference from appearances alone. Next, you have to consider where you want to install the floor. Hardwood floors need to be nailed or glued into place, making them difficult and expensive to install over cement slabs. Also, if you are installing hardwood flooring into areas that have a lot of moisture like bathrooms or kitchens, hardwood flooring can warp from the water. On the other hand, laminate flooring can be placed on top of any subsurface. Laminate flooring is installed in such a way that it floats over the existing subsurface, making it easy to install and remove. Laminate floors are also more durable than hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors wear down over the years and can scratch and lose their polish. After several years, the hardwood will need to be refinished in order to bring back its original luster and appearance. In addition, hardwood flooring can fade in sunlight. Laminate floors are very durable and resist scratching and impact dents. Not only this, but they will never fade and never need refinishing. Finally, laminate floors are very easy to maintain. All that they require is a quick mopping from time to time. If you have children who are prone to make messes in the house, laminate flooring may make it easier to maintain a clean home. Before you decide on the material for your new, wood flooring, consider the benefits and negatives to both flooring options so that you can install the flooring that is right for your circumstances.

Almost any store that sells hardwood floor in your area can deliver it and have it installed. If they don't install, they certainly can refer you to someone that can.

idk but i could tell you how much wood it takes to cover my floor ;) hardwood

I have some lovely hardwood floors in my house but they need some attention as they are looking a bit worn out in places. Where can I find a website that specialises in hardwood floor refinishing so that I can get some advice?

Depending on the size of the job, if there is any floor repair needed, this may vary. You should expect to pay $1.50 to 3.50/sq ft for labor to install a laminate floor.

This process can be done but it is involved and will take some time. First, clean the existing floor. Then lay down and secure a moisture barrier. Then you can install the flooring. However, prior to laying out the floor make sure that you allow the laminate flooring to acclimate to the climate of the house to ensure that it takes well.

If you’re interested in installing new flooring in your home, but have a modest budget, you have undoubtedly explored the idea of installing a laminate floor versus a ceramic floor. Both flooring materials are less expensive options to hardwood floors, but can still look great in your home. Many people think that laminate floors are synonymous with fake hardwood flooring, but a laminate floor can have any pattern, even patterns that mimic the look of ceramic floors. Ceramic floors and tiles have been used to as flooring materials since ancient times. These tiles are made by heating clay tiles in a kiln at very high temperatures until the minerals turn to a hard, solid, glass. During this process, the tile can also be painted with a glaze that serves a dual function. For one, glazes allow the manufacturer to add different colors and designs onto the surface of the tile, making them decorative. Next, the glaze seals the tiny pores in the tile that would leave it vulnerable to staining and water absorption. Laminate floors, on the other hand are made from strong resins, or glue, that can be colored and designed to mimic any kind of surface like stone, tile, or wood. When thinking about whether to install a laminate floor or a ceramic tile floor, think about how you want the room to look. Generally, tile will have a more reflective surface than a laminate floor, making the room seem brighter. This can produce a harsher look that might be suitable for a modern space. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, will give the area a softer look that might be more complimentary to a peaceful retreat. Also consider the fact that ceramic tile floors can be crafted into beautiful mosaics that can add a focal point to any floor. You will not be able to do this with a laminate floor that mimics tile. Also, consider the location of where you intend to install the floor. Laminate floors look great in any room, but may not be suitable for a bathroom, since tiles are more traditional in these spaces. In contrast, tile floors can be installed into any room in the house. Finally, think about durability. Both types of floors are very durable, but a laminate floor is slightly more resistant to damage. Tiles can chip or crack and the grout that holds them into place can discolor. A laminate floor is able to withstand almost any kind of damage, which may make it an ideal surface for high traffic areas or a home that houses a lot of children or pets.

Laminate and tile floors hold up the best with indoor dogs. Hardwood floors can be scratched by sharp nails, and carpet tends to stain from the occasional accident.

No, laminate click lock cannot be glued. The dimensional stability is the issue & it MUST float over the floor, it will cram it together & pull it apart as the house breathes.

Hardwood is often used for floors.

Laminate wood flooring does nothing for the resale value of the home. Real wood flooring will increase the value of the home and is a great investment. (,

Hardwood flooring is more hypo-allergenic than carpet and is also easier to clean. It tends to be more expensive and can also scratch or warp depending on the conditions of your house.

I am not sure I thought all floors can handle dogs but I think if you keep them in a dog house then it will better for the owner and the dog. :)

people walking in and out of the house dripping wet on laminate flooring

According to this old house, it is moderately difficult, mostly due to the time spend on your hands and knees trying to refinish the floor. Other than that, it requires sanding and staining it.

If it is an old house where the hardwood floor was installed directly on the joists, you could go to the basement and find the which boards are creaking. Then, use liquid nail along the seams in that area. You could also 2x4's as braces if the floor flexes. Also, a common creak comes from where the floor is nailed into the joist. From the basement, run a bead of liquid nail along both sides of the joists where it meats the underside of the floor.

It depends what you need it for. Tile floor is helpful if you are very conscious of not getting your floor ruined. Most spills do not damage the floor so it is more durable, but it could smash if you drop something heavy. Hardwood is good if you are looking for your house to look pretty, but it really depends on the situation. If you spill water or something damp it could ruin your floor so be careful. They are both good for different reasons, so I think you should pick which suits your standard more. Good luck :D

If you are planning to renovate your home in the near future, consider hardwood flooring to give your house an earthy and classy feel. Hardwood can give your home a classic ambience that carpet can't compete with. There are pros and cons to installing hardwood floors in your home. Make sure not to install hardwood in bathrooms or basements. Wood flooring can be very sensitive to moisture. When you do install hardwood floor, make sure to use an effective moisture protection. If you decide to install hardwood floors in your home yourself, consider installing prefinished hardwood. Going this route can save you lots of extra time and work staining, sanding, and finishing your hardwood.

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