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Yes. Beds should be kept a distance off of the house to insure the water doesn't soak the basement exterior walls.


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No, it's actually used to preserve things.

Insulating around embedded joist can lead to rotting, good air sealing with caulking is a better alternative

Rotting trees and vegetation emit carbon dioxide and methane, both greenhouse gases.

rotting logs is a home to wood lice,bugs and maybe some snakes.Termites live in rotting logs.

Its a part of a tree that is dead and rotting away.

Rotting vegetation means decompostion of vegetation

Cedar shake siding will increase the value of your home due to its durability. It does a fantastic job holding up to harsh weather areas and also rotting and pests.

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Rotting meat will attract flies. Flies lay their eggs on the rotting meat. The fly eggs hatch into larvae called maggots. Maggots feed on the rotting meat.

well the tree will be rotting and the bark will be rotting aswell

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Rotting is a chemical change catalysed by an organism.

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chemical change. you cannot reverse the rotting.

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To stop something from rotting we preserve it. Preservation means to stop from rotting.

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you go to your dad and find his but then slap it and u get a rotting log

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