Will he come back?

I am deeply in love with my boyfriend of two years. He recently told me he wanted a break and then after a few weeks of mixed messages and a rollercoaster back and forth he ended our relationship and I am devastated.
We were very much in love with each other, it seemed like we had everything and I felt I could trust him absolutely. But I'm not sure why or how but something inside him clicked months ago and he started becoming increasingly self-destructive and depressed. He seemed confused and tortured. He started really drinking and drugging etc a lot and staying out all night. I was helpless to do anything except urge him to get help and considered leaving because of the drinking. I did not know at the time but he admitted that six months ago he had a one night stand with another woman, and since then he had pursued several others by sending flirty emails, texts etc.
I still love him, despite the terrible things he has done. I also know the beautiful side to him and believe human beings are complex and they can change if they want to, so I have told him that if he got help and was able to take responsibility for what he has done then its possible that I would forgive him and it wouldn't be too late to fix things if he acted now.
Of course I haven't been strong at all though and I'm embarassed to admit but I have also sobbed, begged, pleaded and tried convicing him not to break up with me and to stay together and go to counselling together. I was begging yesterday morning and it just made him adamant that he really wanted a break up. He said our relationship wasn't good enough, he wasn't happy, he just feels so relieved to be free, was happier without me around and said he didn't love me anymore and it was finished. I needed to be out of his life and concentrating on getting on with my own and finding a new boyfriend. Sounds pretty FINAL to me!
But then just like the mixed messages during our break he called me back half an hour later to say he did love me and that I am beautiful and special, but he is not sure if he loves me enough, is just very confused and in any event doesn't think if is capable of loving me and needs to be on his own. he said it just wasn't right to be together because he can't keep hurting me and was just going to keep on being a b&stard until he sorted himself out. He started crying on the phone and said he has realised he needs to do a lot of work on himself and is going to see a psychotherapist. He has said this several times recently, I think he is serious...but then again he has not acted on it yet just talked about it.
I am so very sad but also understand that the best thing I can do is just let him go and if he sorts himself out and wants to come back then he will. I have told him that I told him that I am going to go away on a trip overseas for a few months to help heal my heart and that he could meet me at the beach in a few months time if he changed his mind. He has said several times that he is really thinking about it.
What I am now wondering is whether I should hold out any hope. All his positive messages during our break came to nothing. And it would take a huge personal effort and financial expense to really get into serious counselling and decide to change.. and then come and find me somewhere overseas! Is it all just talk? Just a way to make himself feel better and less scared about the break up? Holding out false hope will be true torture for me, but I don't think I'm capable of not hoping.
Given all the above do you think he will come back to me?
UMM..of course not. he is tired of you and you don't deserve all that
get a life