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Only if it is contaminated with something. If your Grape Juice has jelled, do not consume it; dispose of it.

The only thing likely to happen to grape juice is for it to turn to wine or vinegar. Typically, unless this is your intent, it was not prepared properly before canning.

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How long can home canned juice be safe?

Canned juice is safe until it is expired or opened and left out for a long time. The canned juice may also have an expiration date. The description will help determine if to throw it out or not.

What is the shelf life of home canned tomato juice?

There is a long-standing general rule that home canned vegetables and fruits should be used within one year of canning.

How long is canned salmon good for?

we have home canned salmon that was canned ten years ago. should we throw it away?

What is shelf life of home canned tuna?

10 years

What is the shelf life of home canned apple slices?

2 years

How long does home canned juice stay safe to use?

Home canned juice can have an indefinite shelf life. This can be done if the canning process is completely sterile and sanitized. The jars and the canning product much be processed through a high temperature before canning in order to further the can's shelf life

What is the best home remedy for constipation in women?

I'm not a woman but this works for me. Either White grape juice, purple grape juice or muscadine juice will loosen up any situation. Make sure its not diluted as in a grape drink but pure 100% juice. I drink about an 8 ounce glass every 15-20 minutes and dont let anything get between you and the proper facilities. Keeping your body hydrated can also ease the overall situation as body dehydration will slow the movement in the lower intestines and colon. Orange, grapefruit juice and apple juice has the same result for me, but grape is faster. If all else fails, fleet has an oral enema drink that will do miracles, although not a home remedy.

How long do tomatoes last?

Fresh tomatoes might last a week. Home canned - about a year. Commercially canned - several years.

Are peaches canned at home safe to eat after 21 years on the shelf?

NO as in heck NO

Is it safe to eat home canned pears after 3 years?

Yes and i dont give

How long will canned goods keep?

Canned goods have nee known to last up to 100 years, however up to five years is enough in the home. Also, ensure the can has not degraded first

How long are home canned fresh cherries good for?

Home canning of foods can have a shelf life of up to 2 years.

How long should canned fruit be kept?

Plan to use up home-canned foods before the next harvest. Commercially canned foods can keep easily for 2-3 years and even longer. See Related Links.

How long can you keep home canned vegetables?

Typically one year. This can often be pushed to as long as three years.

How long do green beans stay good after you home can them?

Home-canned green beans will be good for a number of years if the jar stays tightly sealed.

Can home canned tomatoes make you sick?

Home canned tomatoes cannot make you sick if you do it properly. I do it all the time.

What is the expiration of home canning goods?

HOME CANNED FOOD HAS ITS BEST FLAVOD THE FIRST YEAR.It can be used for several years later.Its a judgment factor for the canner.

How long do canned peaches last?

A year is safe. Check the date on the can, or jar, if home-canned.

What is the shelf life of home canned salsa?

Two to three years although its best and wont discolor within 18 months

How long does home canned juice last?

The rule of thumb is one year, but canned foods can last for much longer times. For instance, the US Army used to issue C-rations to troops in the field. I personally ate C-rats that were dated 1957 while in Germany in 1982. Incidentally, I was born in 1963. I suffered no ill effects from the consumption of food six years older than me, and twenty-five years old at the time it was consumed.

White bubbles found in home canned tomatoes?

They probably were not canned properly and you are seeing gas formation from microorganisms.

How long is shelf life for home canned green beans?

The shelf life of home canned green beans varies depending on the method used. If you are using a pressure cooker, then the beans can last up to five years. For the water bath method, 12 months is the average shelf life.

How long does home canned applesauce last?

Generally factory-canned products can last for as long as 2-3 years, though they usually feature a best before/use by date.. If you packaged it yourself, the shelf life will be considerably shorter!

Can you get botullism from home canned tomatoes?

My understanding was you can get Botulism from ANY improperly canned foods, meaning the seal was not air-tight.

How do you store home canned vegetables?

in a cool dry place