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Home Insurance and Pit Bulls

The question should not be - will it go up? The question should be, will they insure you "AT ALL" any more? Most insurers these day avoid providing all risk home insurance coverage for owners of certain dog breed types.

Many Home Insurance Companies nowadays automatically exclude coverage for injuries or damages related to pets, especially certain Dog Breeds.

There are many pet owners out there who are confident that their pit bull would never injure a person. However, the statistics prove that they will. It's not the dogs fault, it was bred in and is simply endemic to the breed.

From an insurance companies point of view, it could be a pretty big liability to them and that is understandable, BUT I think they should at least do some sort of checking into it, like weather the dog has bitten anyone in the past or things like that, instead of just dropping it like a hot brick!

However, to clarify, almost all major insurance carriers reserve the right to withhold payment on any animal attack claim for the insured homeowner if the animal involved was either a pit-bull or one of the other 9 dog breeds on the standard list of breeds listed because of number of attacks on humans or other animals. This said, the owner will still be held liable and civil action in such suits can incur the sale of property to satisfy the claim awarded by the court. This is something to consider since many claims against pet owners after an attack may reach a sum of tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or more.

Most insurance companies will ask, but never actually check.

Nationwide will insure your home if your pit-bull has passed the Canine Good Citizen program.

However, a standard waiver form may still be required which will release the insurance company from claims concerning animal or human attacks. In addition, since you have indicated to the agent that you do own such an animal, the insurance company can use that to cancel you at any time and to withhold claim payment for any animal attack issue.

Actually insurance companies always inspect a dwelling upon a new policy being written. You may not be aware of the inspection. Nationwide contracts out inspectors to inspect new insured dwellings and most times will preform inspections prior to renewal.

Note: You should always be up front and NEVER knowingly provide false or misleading information when it comes to an insurance contract. You are paying premiums for protection in the event of a loss. You don't want to jeopardize a claim with a misrepresentation. And no, Nationwide will not write a homeowners policy if you have a pit bull.

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Do pit bulls increase your insurance?

In the past, I have had to pay more for my homeowners insurance, because I have pits, yes.

Do you need insurance on part pit bull dogs?

There are areas that has insurance of 100,000 dollars. Check your area law on pit bulls.

Do homeowners insurance cover damage done by neighbors?

yes it does i know because someone broke our fire-pit and insurance covered it

Will homeowners insurance cover you if you have a Rotwieler?

HO insurance does not like Those dogs or Pit Bulls amongst others. Why? Because they are baby chewers!

Which insurances will cover you if you own a pit-bull?

Home owners It depends on the state you live in. I live in California where State Farm is the only company that will give home owner's insurance if you own a pit bull.

Where do I not have to have insurance on a pit bull?

In the related links box below, I posted a webpage named understanding a bull, which has the banned areas.

What is a China man pit bull?

Chinaman is the bloodline, Pit Bull is the breed. And its actually and American pit bull terrier.

Does American Family Insurance Dog Breed Discriminate for Homeowners Insurance?

What do you mean by this question? If you are asking if they will not cover certain breed the answer is yes. Every insurance company I am aware of asks on their application if you own certain breeds or any dog who has bitten anyone. The top of the list always included Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, etc. If you want to argue Pitt Bulls forget it. Over half of the bites last year were from Pit Bulls and almost every bite involving death was from a Pit Bull. No one should own a Pit Bull. They are far too aggressive and deadly.

Where can someone buy red nosed pit bulls?

Someone can buy a red nosed pit bull from any shelter that may have red nosed pit bulls. You may find a red nosed pit bull on craigslist. You can also looking in the new paper to see if there is a person selling red nosed pit bulls.

Is your dog a pit bull or a boxer?

my dog is a pit bull iv had pit bull's ever since i was little i mean who wouldn't like a pit bull?

Are pit bulls and pit bull terriers the same?

yes. pit bull is just short for pit bull terriers. an American staffordshire terrier is very similar to a pit though.

How many types of pit bulls are there?

Four. Bull terrier, American stafforshire bull terrier, stafforshire pit bull terrier, and the American pit bull.

What are the release dates for Judge Judy - 1996 Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud?

Judge Judy - 1996 Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud was released on: USA: 5 January 2012

Blue pit bull?

is a color of a american pit bull not a breed....

How did pit bull dogs get their name pit bull?

Pit bulls were originally bred for bull baiting in the 1800s where the name bull comes from. the pit part comes from pit bulls being put in so many dog fights in pits.

How long is a pit bull pregnant for?

A Pit Bull is pregnant for 63 days.

Can you raise a pekingese with a pit bull?

If the pit bull doesn't fight to rough!

How old is rapper pit bull?

pit bull is 32 years old

Where can you buy Nintendogs pit bull and friends?

I'm not sure they make one. Sorry.

Where can you buy a bull terrier in Alabama?

if its a pit bull terrier u are hunting im in millry alabama 251 846 2324

What shoul floridas state dog be?

Maybe a Pit-Bull because we are a free country and are very strong just as a Pit-Bull any kind Red nos Pit-Bull, Black nose Pit-Bull, which ever.

what breeds are considered pit bull?

Pit bulls are the only breed to be a pit bull. The rest are wanted to be pit bulls. There are some that looks alike so keep in mind the good characteristics of the true pit bull.

Who covers your damages if your Texas neighbor's pit bull bites you and the dog is excluded from neighbor's home owner's insurance?

The neighbor should be held liable for damages caused by anyone or anything that resides upon his property whether or not it is included in the homeowners insurance. You can file a complaint with the local animal control agency in your area.

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