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50/50 chance. If they ascertain it as a possible liability... they will try and get you to pay for it first, and may threaten to cancel you if you don't.

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Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing breaks under the slab?

Contact your agent and ask them if you are covered.

If someone breaks their foot on my property can I file a homeowners insurance claim for their medical bills?

Yes you May all you have to do is get intouch with your insurance agent or Company.

Is there any part of auto or homeowner's insurance that covers you when on public transit?

Homeowners insurance does have liability. This liability is universal and is good for any where in the world. The insurance companies will not cover anything intentional though. It also breaks down to a scenario by scenario type of basis.

Will insurance pay for a fence falling apart due to age after a neighbor's dog breaks through it?

Get the insurance company of the dog owner to pay. Homeowners insurance is not meant to be a maintenance contract. You as a homeowner are expected to maintain your property and replace things as they wear out. If your fence was properly maintained would the dog have been able to break through it?

Does homeowners insurance cover underground water pipes?

Each insurance company is different, some i know will cover any pipe underground if its located within the footprint of your home, if its outside the home they may cover if its a specific peril such as rupture, if its just old and breaks then no this you will have to pay for. More information is needed to asses your situation

Is glycolysis Endergonic or exergonic?

It is an exergonic because glycolysis is an catabolic pathway that breaks partially breaks down glucose, thus releasing some of the energy that was stored in the glucose.

What questions should you ask before renting a house?

Some questions I can think of..... First decide what you want, make a wish list. How much can you afford to spend on rent? Will improvements made help you get a discount on rent from the landlord? What happens if something breaks? Does the owner have homeowners insurance? (you will need your own renters insurance) If you want out of the lease, what are the conditions?

What is the difference between a strong acid and weak acid?

A strong acid completely breaks apart into ions when mixed with water. A weak acid only partially breaks apart.

What is equipment breakdown insurance?

Its commercial insurance for equipment, like boilers, production machines, etc... usually it covers whats under Pressure, or that uses or transmits mechanical or electrical energy. It it breaks, not wear down but breaks, then the insurance covers the repairs, cheapest means.

What is buglary insurance?

buglary insurance is paid coverage provided by your insurance agency against burglaries. Burglary is when a stranger,whom you did not invite into your house, breaks in and steals, vandalizes

Benefits of Home Appliance Insurance?

For homeowners, one of the most expensive purchases that they will have to make is buying new home appliances for the kitchen and laundry room.� Since they can be quite expensive, it would be a good idea to purchase home appliance insurance along with them. � Home appliance insurance is an insurance policy which will protect the homeowner in the event that the appliance breaks down.� The insurance policy will normally cover any significant repairs or replacements that need to be completed and were the result of routine use.� If it is clear that you have not properly been maintaining the appliance, the warranty could be void. �

Will homeowners insurance cover bat removal?

Depends on your policy! Check with your agent. Mine covers removal of guano, repair of damage caused by bats, but NOT the removal of the bats themselves. Subject, of course, to normal deductible. Fortunately, my bat exclusion estimate breaks that stuff out already so it helps for me.

Does comprehensive fix your car if brakes fail?

No, you bought the car most likely with a warranty that may cover this. Your insurance company will not cover failing breaks. They do not inspect the breaks when you but it why would they cover it if they fail. Call your insurance company, they will tell you. You also get a book with your insurance policy that says exactly what they cover.

What is the process of anaerobic glycolysis?

eccentric The body partially breaks down glucose to produce energy (ATP) and the by-product lactic acid

Why is home insurance so helpful?

Home insurance is extremely helpful because if someone breaks into your house and vandalizes anything you can get it fixed for little money. Also, if there is a fire it is better to have insurance.

How many people have health insurance?

How many people have health insurance? 85% of people in the US have health insurance. 97% of Massachusetts residents have health insurance. How about we help the 15% of people get insurance with tax breaks to pay for their insurance, instead of messing up 85% of the peoples current insurance coverage.

Does full coverage cover if your car breaks down?

It depends what the insurance was taken out for. Accident insurance would not cover this, but extended warranty or breakdown cover would.

Do you get a new ipod if yours breaks and its a older one but you have insurance?

The terms of insurance policies vary but it is unlikely that a policy would cover the replacement of an item because it is broken.

If your mattress breaks can you claim it on home insurance?

Short answer yes, if it is in your policy long answer, would not be smart to claim it.

What should I do if my windscreen breaks?

Get your windshield replaced. Sometimes it does happen. I recommend apple autoglass. You should also contact your insurance company because they will cover it if your windshield breaks, and your replacement will be free.

Does the landlord pay for other accommadations in the event of a fire If not your fault?

Generally not. This is the reason why it's important to have renters insurance: if you do and a fire or disaster breaks out in your insurance company will pay for sheltering and even the cost of relocating if it will be impossible for you to move back in. Otherwise, the landlord has no responsibilities to relocate you if a fire breaks out. Most of the time when a fire breaks out and you are displaced from your apartment, the Red Cross steps in to help.

Does home owners cover if your son fall out of crib and breaks arm?

No. The Medical Payments coverage on a typical Homeowners' poliicy only pays the expenses of others who are not family members or live in the household.

Is it possible for a girl's hymen to become detached from her body?

Only if it's surgically removed. The hymen (a skinfold) covers the vaginal opening partially and when it breaks it's still there attached.

Does Tesco Breakdown offer automobile insurance coverage?

Tesco Bank offers a kind of insurance that can help in case your car breaks down. The service is called "Roadside Assistance" which provides the customer with funds.

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