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Q: Will homeowners insurance cover bedbug infestation if a roommate brings in your house?
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What are some ways of dealing with a bedbug infestation?

The best way to deal with bedbug infestation is to contact a pest control company to inspect the premises and treat the problem in a very short period of time.

Where are the largest areas of bedbug infestation in the united states?

The North East, and recently California.

Do you contact the health department when your landlady wont fix a bedbug infestation?

Yes, or the local Code Enforcement. Now, if the landlord can prove that their unit was free of bedbugs until the Tenant became the harbinger of such infestation, they can make the tenant pay for bedbug removal.

Is the hollister flaghip store in soho still hiring?

they are at this time closed to a bedbug infestation. when they reopen, they are gladly hiring=]

Does condominium association insurance cover bedbug infestation?

The association's master policy is the insurance you reference. Your master policy broker will be able to answer your question for you. Otherwise, your tenant's policy or owner's HO-6 policy may have coverage. Again, contact your broker who can give you the answer you need.

Where is the current bedbug infestation?

the short answer is currently "everywhere" because they are currently infesting people's beds all over the world and in most countries they are on the increase.

A small wingless insect that feeds on blood?


What does the idiom crazy as a bedbug mean?

A level of craziness comparable to that of a bedbug.

What cleaning things around the house will kills bed bugs?

If you've got bedbugs, you need immediate professional help or at the very least, specifically anti-bedbug products. Trying to handle a bedbug infestation with household cleaning products, is doomed to failure and only gives the parasites even more time to establish themselves.

What is the length of the average bedbug?

A adult bedbug is 4 to 5 millimeters long.

Does a bedbug have wings?


Do bedbug have wings?

no they do not

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