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yes this would be damage caused by ice..not by general deterioration


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little ruballias forming inside causing a cancer like effect

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Most scientist say there could have been a collision with an asteroid when it was late forming causing it to go on its side.

A tsunami is caused by an earthquake in side the ocean causing big waves and forming a tsunami.

The Nazca and the South American plates are colliding forming the Andes Mountain.

It is on a convergent plate boundry forming a subduction zone which build pressure in the volcano causing them to erupt.

The glaciers may melt and mix with volcanic ash, forming mudflows called lahars.

the core shakes causing the plates to move forming volcanoes ect..(that is why volcanoes spit out lava because it comes from the core.)

The Andes are so tall they prevent moisture from the Atlantic Ocean from crossing into Chile causing a rain shadow and forming the Atacama Desert.

New crust is forming at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, causing the Atlantic ocean to grow wider at a rate of about 3 centimeters per year.

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When two lithosphere plates collide they crumple and push up, forming mountains also causing earthquakes.

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As the air rises, it expands causing the temperature of the air decrease. The humidity increases and the clouds droplets began forming . The cloud droplets grow by condensation in the rising air.

The air is probably too cold causing condensation at the vents. try increasing the air flow which will warm it a few degrees.

The plates rub together causing the rocks to move and it causes the ground to shake forming an earthquake. The more the plates move, the bigger the earthquake number.

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