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Q: Will homeowners insurance on your primary property cover items you were keeping in your uninsured second home?
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Will your homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbors property caused by fire damage?

Generally no. The only time that your homeowners policy will cover property of anyone else is if you are legally liable for the damages. For instance if you started a fire on purpose for some reasonable need that got away from you and they neighbor demanded payment. In this case you turn it over to your insurance company which will decide how to proceed. You liability section provides coverage for damages and they will provide legal defense in addition to the liability coverage if necessary. I will caution you that liaiblity claims will make you typhoid Mary to insurance companies and you will not have luck getting or keeping homeowners insurance.

What are the responsibilities of the tenants of a life estate?

A life tenant is responsible for keeping the property is as good a condition as when they take possession. This means keeping up the insurance, maintenance, and property taxes. You cannot do anything that would hurt the value of the property to the remaindermen. These are the parties that will receive fee simple absolute at the end of the life tenant. In other words, if you find gold on the property, it belongs to them.

Is landlords insurance required in New York City?

Landlord insurance is not a requirement in New York City. Although it is very important to have the landlord insurance. This insurance will cover it if you end up having vandalism or stolen property on your land. Sometimes it will cover for lost rent from renters if your keeping the maintenance up.

Are the banks now keeping foreclosed homeowners personal property?

Banks do not have any legal right to any personal belongings of homeowners in foreclosure cases. The loan is secured by the real estate, and the bank can only take back the real estate property. The only exception is a type of loan that banks occasionally make that includes both the real estate and personal property, but this personal property is listed and specifically detailed. It comes with the original transaction and is covered in the original loan. If a bank gets a deficiency judgment against homeowners, it may be able to seize some assets of the borrowers. However, these are somewhat rare cases, and the specific state foreclosure law procedures must be followed to obtain a deficiency judgment.

Can your home owners insurance rates go up due to a claim of a natural disaster?

Generally homeowners policies are not increased due to claims. Perhaps a company may have a discount for being claim free that might make it go up after a claim because you loose the discount. One thing to remember is that a homeowners policy is made for big claims and not little claims. Claims history is judged by frequency as well as claim amounts. The easiest way to get cancelled is to start making small claims. I recommend keeping a $1000 deductible or higher and only use it for large losses. Homeowners Insurance is a loosing business for the last few years and the worst thing you can do is to get cancelled because it is getting harder and harder to find good homeowners insurance at a good rate.

Who is responsible for keeping car insurance the owner or driver?


Who is responsible for taxes inurance upkeep in a lifetime right situation?

The lifetime owner of the property has the exclusive right to pay taxes and insurance up keeping during his life. This right automatically expires with his death.

What is the force which supports objects in fluids?

The property of bouyancy is the property related to keeping objects supported in fluids.

How can you preserve public property?

By not lettering and keeping the environment clean.

Does a homeowners insurance payment have to include the second mortgage as a payee?

Probably. I assume you mean a payment for a claim for damage. You need to contact your second mortgagee and confer with them about this issue. The reason for putting the mortgagee on the check is to be sure that the repairs are done in order to protect them by keeping the collateral in good repair.

Is an executor responsible for anything missing from an estate property?

The executor has the responsible to maintain the estate. That includes keeping the property safe.

What are the examples of intensive reading?

book keeping report, insurance claim,contract

How do you remove a cosigner from property they bought together?

The loan must be paid off or refinanced and the co-owner must transfer their interest in the property to the person who will be keeping the property.

Need tips to keep termites away from attacking property?

I am concerned about termites. What are some tips to keeping termites from attacking my property?

What is the difference between home expenses and home renovations?

Home expenses is the cost of keeping your home running in good condition. Maintanance of the interior and exterior not to mention insurance you need to keep on the property is also a home expense. Home renovations are upgrades you are investing in your home, such as a new kitchen of bathroom. These should add value to your property.

Can you cancel spouse from your insurance policy if spouse has his own medical insurance coverage?

Yes you can. If you feel his coverage is adequate to meet his healthcare needs, then keeping him on your plan would be paying for insurance that you don't need.

What is the factor in premium computation that has to do with record keeping and statistical analysis insurance companies perform?


Who is responsible for maintaining a property in foreclosure?

For as long as the foreclosure process is going on, the original owners of the property will still have legal possession. This makes them responsible for maintaining the property, paying the real estate taxes, and keeping insurance paid up to date in case of damage or destruction. Since they still own the house, they must keep on top of all of the responsibilities of maintaining the property in good condition. Of course, it is especially important for homeowners to keep up on the maintenance if they are eventually successful in finding a solution to stop foreclosure. Letting a home fall into disrepair and then saving the home but having to clean up afterwards is not a good start to financial recovery. Even if it is just a second home or investment property, homes in foreclosure should be kept in as good of condition as possible. For homeowners who are unable to avoid losing the property, though, they will no longer be responsible for maintaining it when ownership is transferred through the foreclosure legal process. This typically happens once the sheriff sale has been conducted and the winning bid confirmed by the local court system. At this point, the foreclosure victims will no longer have title to the home, and it will be up to the new owner (usually the bank) to make sure the property is kept up.

What thieves mean?

A criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it.

How does property in delhi?

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Can Insurance cover Breast reduction if you have serious back problems keeping you from working?

Yes, that is one of the very few (if not only) cosmetic surgeries medical insurance covers.

What was the car commercial where the woman parked her car between motorcycles and said to the gang Thanks for keeping my spot boys?

That was a Progressive Insurance commercial that was advertising motorcycle insurance.

Does your insurance cover a second vehicle when you are still keeping the old one?

You have to get an individual policy for each car you have. If you want to cover two cars, you need to get insurance separately for each of them.

The property of a membrane that allows some materials to pass through while keeping others out?

the plasma membrane

If you are in hospital for over thirty days can your home insurers state that the property is unoccupied?

Possibly, depends on the contract and the company, look at the small print in your policy. The insurance company may feel happier if you can genuinely assure them that a neighbour whom you trust is keeping a close eye on the house.