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Depends on HOW the damage occurred. Your above ground pool is normally covered as 'personal property' under your homeowners policy for the listed perils. See Coverage C- Personal Property for the list of covered losses.

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Q: Will homeowners insurance pay for damage to an above ground swimming pool?
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Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an in- ground swimming pool caused by excess ground water?

Truly depends on your insurer and what plan you have. But it should.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to the home caused by collapse of above ground pool?

yes it does.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation caused by an earthquake?

Only if you have earthquake coverage. A regular homeowners policy excludes damage caused by ground movement or earthquakes.

Does Homeowners insurance cover water damage from sprinklers soaking through walls?

As long as the water entered above the ground surface level.

Will home owners insurance cover above ground swimming pool damage?

Homeowners policies are not all the same; you can include an above ground swimming pool in such a policy, but the policy will have to state that this coverage is included. Normally, a home owners policy only covers things that are inside the home, not things that are in the back yard. Read your policy, it will tell you what is covered. Or if you don't have a policy, you can get any kind of insurance you like - but everything you insure will add to the cost of your monthly premium.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an in ground swimming pool pipe?

the swimming pool is insured under the 'appertinate' (sorry can't remember the correct spelling) or 'other' structures portion of most policys........the same 'perils' do the same 'exclusions' will depend on why or what caused the damage? sudden and accidental, or gradual deterioration?.......... most if not all h/o policys exclude some parts of 'under ground' plumbing..........more info and maybe i can help more........

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an in ground swimming pool caused by water pressure to the exterior walls of the pool?

No. This sounds like a manufacturer or maintenance issue. Something is wrong with the pool itself or with the way it was installed as the earth behind pool walls has washed away making it loose support and fail. For a homeowners policy to pay for damages the damage must be the fault of a covered cause. I can't see how the damage you are describing could be from a coverer cause. Homeowners insurance is not made to cover maintenance issues or manufacturer defects. First I would contact whoever installed the pool. If it has been past the warranty period I would check with a professional to see what the cause of the damage is first.

Are above ground pools covered by homeowners insurance from hurricane damage?

Yes. Hurricane damage is a covered cause on a homeowners policy. The above ground pool is covered under the other structures section of the policy which means there is coverage. It will be paid on the ACV or actual cash value basis and not replacement cost. Read your policy to make sure but I am quite sure about this.

Is ground hog damage by homeowners insurance?

It would depend on what they damaged. If damage is to your homes structure then it is probably covered. However, The insurer may require you resolve any ground hog infestation before they fix the house. It wouldn't do much good to fix it if the ground hogs are going to be allowed to stay and damage it again.

Where can I learn more about homeowners's insurance?

The best way to learn about homeowners insurance is through your car insurance broker. You can also consult the website to know the ground rules that such agencies should be following.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation that the previous owners hid under carpeting?

NO... Buyer Beware, Homeowners insurance policies do not cover pre-existing damage. They also typically exclude damage resulting from "ground movement" as this is a normal expected occurrence throughout the life of a home. You would look to your buyers home warranty for coverage of an un-disclosed defect of the home you purchased.

Could I put in a claim to my homeowners insurance company if my above ground pool collapsed?

You can claim an insurance loss for an above-ground pool only if it was covered by the terms of your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent.

Does homeowners insurance cover a leak in the water line in your yard and will insurance cover resulting damage to your foundation and inside walls?

No. Probably not. Unlikely. What caused the leak in the water line? Old age? Ground shift? If and only if the leak was caused by a named peril do you have a chance of making a successful claim for any of the damage.

Does homeowners insurance cover cracked basement walls?

Settlement cracks and cracks from ground shifting are not covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover a bad slab?

What is bad? Insurance coverage is based on cause or reason. In order to properly answer the question one would need to know why the slab is bad. Why? If a big rig truck ran off the road and into the side of the house and damaged the slab this would be a covered claim. Your homeowners insurance covers claims where a vehicle strikes the house. Did ground water flooding damage the slab? If so you would need flood insurance. No homeowners covers flood. Flood is flood and is insurance offered by FEMA. You don't get flood coverage under homeowners policies. Is the slab bad because the work done to build it was poor? There is no coverage to repair the slab but if the slab being bad caused ensuing damage there may be coverage for ensuing damage. Has the slab just started cracking because no expansion joints were put in the concrete? This is really not a sudden an accidental event. In fact it is normal and thus not something homeowners insurance covers. Need to know why slab is bad to get you a better answer. Tried to answer giving a few different options.

Will homeowners insurance cover a main beam that's leaning?

What is it leaning from? If it's leaning because of some sort of ground settling, no.

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation wall caving in if no water or mud is present but cement blocks fall into the basement below ground level?

Homeowners policies have an exclusion for 'settling, shrinking, bulging, cracking, ect. of a foundation or wall. You can report the claim and see what your insurance company does, maybe you are on a sinkhole.

Does homeowner's insurance cover house foundation damage?

Most home insurance policies do not cover normal and expected ground settling. However, you can check your policy or telephone your insurance agent and find out if you have coverage for ground movement.

Does home insurance cover damage to an above ground pool?

It depends on each individual insurance - always read the small print!

How do you get homeowners insurance to pay for in ground pool structural repair?

They would pay for it only if it has been added to the policy (or if it was part of the home when insured) AND only if the damage was caused by some unforseen circumstance. IT probably would not be covered for a structural failure, an earthquake, etc. But if a bulldozer fell into it , that may be covered.

Does home owners insurance cover foundation cracks from soil shifting?

You'll need to check your policy or contact your insurance agent to find out if you have coverage for ground movement. Most homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for damages resulting from ground movement as this normal and expected over the life of a structure.

Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above ground pool Check with your agent. The coverage is not cheap either. Here in Chicagoland, about 250 / year SJ I think ours is simply a rider policy. Ours is included in the hurricane coverage!

Does home owners insurance cover broken drain pipe in the foundation?

It really just depends on the type of policy you bought and what is the cause of the damage to the drain pipe. If it broke from freezing or another covered peril it's probably covered. Most homeowners Insurance Policies will not cover foundation damage nor pipes embedded in in or below a slab foundation unless the damage is the result of a covered peril. There are endorsements that some companies offer to provide coverage for foundation or ground movement as well.

What best describes foundation damage?

Maintenance or ground movement or even earthquake if that happens in your area. In any case, these items are not covered under a homeowners policy.

Will home owners insurance pay for personal property damage to your above ground swimming pool?

Homeowners Insurance and Above ground PoolsIf the damage was due to a covered cause under the policy then yes it will most likely be covered. The cause of the damage is usually the most important fact.AnswerYou should contact your insurer or your insurance agent. Most Home insurance policies provide coverage for additional structures on your property. It probably depends on what type of pool you have. The additional structures coverage is intended for permanent structures such as tool / storage sheds, detached garages, out buildings, pools etc, however if the pool is a portable one that can be set up and taken down frequently, it may be considered a temporary structure, in which case it would likely not be covered under your homeowners insurance policy.Additionally, If you live in the U.S. there are many types of policies and levels of coverage available for purchase.Did you purchase an HO1, an HO2, or an HO3 home insurance policy? Each policy form provides a different level and scope of coverage for your home. If you simply chose the least expensive policy, you may not have coverage for additional structures at all. Without having seen your policy, there is just no way to know what type of policy you purchased and how comprehensive your coverage may be in covering a pool.The best source of information to answer your question would be your insurance company..