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Will ice melt faster in a plastic or glass container by itself?


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2007-11-29 23:12:13
2007-11-29 23:12:13

it would melt faster in a glass container faster.

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Although glass is a decent insulator, plastic makes a better thermal insulator. Ice should therefore melt (absorb heat) faster in a glass container than in a plastic one.

Because glass is a better conductor of heat while the plastic is not so insulates the ice better from the heat.

Melts faster in glass than in what? Than in metal, no, metal conducts heat better than glass, in a plastic bowl?? It would depend on the container.

It all depends on the heat transfer coefficients of each material. Depending on the thermodynamic properties of each container, the ice could melt equally as fast no matter what the material: glass or plastic. Heat Transfer is mostly about area. If the plastic container is bigger than the glass container, and each container have the same thermodynamic properties, and contain the same amount of ice, then the ice in the plastic container would probably melt faster. Though, if at all possible, you should always lay a container down on its side. This increases the heat transfer area and allows the item to thaw somewhat quicker. Hope this is a quick and dirty explanation.

No. Plastic can release Dioxin Carcinogens which causes cancer.

glass collects more heat than plastic so yes an icecube can melt more faster on glass than on plastic

well you can't put it back in the can so what else would you store it in. So it needs to be storded in a glass or plastic container well you can't put it back in the can so what else would you store it in. So it needs to be storded in a glass or plastic container

Any container - metal, glass, plastic - will do. Bear in mind that a metal container will cool down; for this reason, glass and plastic are better.

Plastic container because it is easier to wash and glass is breakable, and plastic is just the sort of thing to use for melting chocolate, not glass.

Coz glass and plastic are least reactive than metals

A glass container, because glass is a liquid that has the ability to form as a solid, while glass looks like a solid at a molecular level the atoms are actually moving, just like a liquid, the formation of glass molecules is highly irregular. But because the atoms are moving the energy or heat from water is allowed to escape past these molecules and cool the water.

This is a container from glass or plastic to store chemical reagents.

an airtight plastic or glass container

the plastic keeps any heat in but the glass conducts is so it can melt fster

It can be either one, But Containers are more commonly made from plastic. -hope that helped-

I would say glass or plastic definitely plastic though we have used a lot of that.

It depends on the composition of each of them.

Foam container will keep it hotter. The air bubbles in the foam act as an insulator.

In a tightly sealed container, preferably one that doesn't have a lot of moisture in the air. The container should be a plastic container as glass container can react with sodium hydroxide and melt.

plastic container, glass chandelier, clear pencil case and window.

Maybe you should change your question to something more like, "Will the difference in material between a glass container and plastic container affect the rate of condensation of water?"

Because some acids will destroy plastic vessels.

Ice would melt faster in a glass cup because the heat transfer is greatest with glass out of these three materials. Glass is quite a good conductor of heat, plastic is much poorer and styrofoam even poorer still.

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