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No. This sounds like a maintenance issue. For coverage to be afforded the damage would have to have been caused by a covered cause. I cannot think of any way that damage to the chimney flue could have been damaged by a covered cause. Sorry.


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Chimney flue = Arubá (ארובה)

A FLUE is a chimney or vent. IE A flue was fitted to my central heating unit.

It is a inside part of chimney which carries smoke and other particles. It is necessary to clean your flue in regular interval to avoid harmful pollutants.

the flue pipe from my boiler runs directly to the hole in the chimney

"The flue on the chimney was closed, causing smoke to move out into the room." "Damaging fires can occur when unburned material called creosote accumulates on the metal flue and in the upper chimney."

"Flue" is a channel for conveying hot steam or smoke (like in a chimney)

The best way to clean the chimney of a wood burning stove is to purchase a brush sized for your chimney flue; insert and retract it down the flue to remove the creosote.

The flue is the actual pipe or chimney where the damper is the mechanism that opens and closes the flue

The abbreviation for "influenza" is spelled "flu." But the pipe that removes the smoke from the chimney of a fireplace is spelled "flue."

Usually refers to a gas fireplace, since wood fireplaces are vented by the flue (chimney) Gas fireplaces can be vented (flue) or unvented (no flue)

A flue is a chimney pipe, a pipe for taking smoke from a fire out of a building. I know of no other meaning.

Chimney build up is called creosote. You should clean your chimney regularly to remove the creosote from the lining of the flue.

Chimney fires are caused when built up soot and or creosote ignite and fire climbs up the chimney flue. Chimney fires are extremely dangerous!

While I do much of my own work around the house, some things I leave to professionals- especially things that can burn my house down. If you check through the local listing for "Chimney Sweep" and "Chimney repair"- under contractors- you should find a company that can inspect your chimney for damage. If a clay flue liner has been cracked or damaged, they can replace it. There are also systems to install a metal liner that is grouted in place with high temp concrete grout. My chimney is cleaned once a year by a contractor that also builds and repairs chimneys- and is well worth what I pay him. When cleaning the chimney he also inspects for damage to the liner, bricks, flashing, etc.

if you are talking a stove flue [free standing] the handle on the flue will indicate open or closed. if handle is horizontal flue is closed. if vertical flue is open. if you mean fireplace flue usually pushing flue handle to rear or back of fireplace will open it and pulling it toward you will close it. you can check by moving handle slowly while looking with flashlight up in the chimney. be careful as soot can come down and out if you get too aggresive.

For the safety of you and your family, it is recommended to clean your chimney liner out regularly. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisons from entering the home and costly damage to your chimney liner. Here is a simple guide to help you get your chimney liner clean. Step 1. To prevent the build up of debris around your liner area that exit’s the house, you will need to open the chimney flue clean out door when you begin cleaning your chimney. Step 2. Prop an extension ladder against your homes room in a manner in which it will be sturdy and safe while providing you with a comfortable and accurate way to give you access to your chimney from the top portion of the flue. Step 3. You will need to climb onto your roof but before you do, it is recommended that you attach your steel flue brush to your extension poles for the necessary length of your flue. Steel flue brushes can be purchased at your local home improvement stores in a variety of styles and designs. Chose the right option for your home flue. Step 4. To begin you need to remove the chimney cap and inspect the flue screen for any damage that it may have. Using a small steel brush, remove any debris that may be clogging the screen around the flue cap. Step 5. If you have a round flue liner, you will need to push your flue brush downward into the chimney and rotate it in a clockwise direction. If your chimney liner is square, you will just need to push it downward into the chimney. Step 6. Using an upward motion, pull your flue brush out of the chimney. Repeat this step at least five to ten times until you are confident in how clean your chimney liner may be. Step 7. Replace your chimney cap making sure that it is secure. Step 8. Use and outdoor vacuum cleaner to vacuum any debris around your chimney bottom and to suck out any debris that may still be in the inside of your chimney liner and around the clean out door.

To draw the smoke from the fire up the chimney and out of the house.

A flue liner is a flexible sleeve inside the pipe that carries the combustible products, such as smoke, up from the fire away from the living area, and into the atmosphere, outside the house. A liner is needed in case the flue is cracked or damaged, causing the smoke to stay in the house, or causing cold wind from the outside to come into the house. A flue liner is added protection to keeping the house safe from fumes.

A chimney flue liner is something you would put into your chimney to insulate it from variables such as age and temperature. Insulating it in this way helps the chimney mortar from becoming damaged.

A twin wall flue is a stainless steel flue surrounded by an inch of insulation with an outer skin of stainless steel. A twin wall flue allows you have a real fire without a brick built chimney.

Just light a match and hold it near the flue. If the the air is going up the chimney you will see the flame drawn in that direction.

A flue liner protects the bricks or masonry that makes your chimney for your fireplace. It can also protect any wood that it is close to. Flex King offers a flue liner for around $400.00.

YES This can be done. AS LONG AS YOUR CHIMNEY IS NOT DAMAGED I will assume you mean your chimney angles the chimney liner is pull down though the chimney flue with the included liner puller then attach to the proper piping attached to your hot water tank & or furnance DW Brick & Chimney Repair

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This is another funny way of saying he was eating. A flue is the inside of a chimney.

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