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Sure, it could be positive and I'm sure the courts would enforce visitation for more details visit family law.

This could really hurt a child. Why after say a year or 2 or 5 even should the other parent start coming around? If they really wanted to see their child they should have a long time ago. Why bother to go in and out of a child's life as you please, this could really effect them especially if their older and going to school and have a lot on their plate already...all u need is someone getting involved in ones life if you haven't bothered with them in a would u feel if all of a sudden your biological mother wants to see you after say-7 would you feel..i know I would say who are you???..leave me alone my life is great right now...where were you when i needed you...just leave the kid alone if you haven

bothered in months-years.

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Q: Will it affect the kids emotionally if the non-custodial parent wants to see them after a long time without any contact?
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