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Not too sure about the Ritalin but I do know that there has been no evidence that taking Birth Control in early pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant causes any complications although it is not reccommended to take the birth control if pregnancy is suspected hope this helps sorry I couldn't answer your ? completely Good Luck and God Bless!!

See Related LinksSee the Related Link for "All about Ritalin" to the right for the answer though basically it says that no-one knows if it will harm the baby.
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Q: Will it harm your baby if you just found out you're 3 weeks pregnant and are currently on Ritalin and were taking birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?
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Is Ritalin good for symptoms of autism?

Ritalin can help increase concentration and attention control in someone who has problems with those things. Some autistic people have problems with attention control; some do not. Ritalin may or may not help those who have problems with attention. Ritalin will not directly affect the symptoms of autism.

What if i take my birth control late because i want to get pregnant can i?

If you want to get pregnant, it makes more sense to stop birth control.

Can you get pregnant if you stop the birth control pill five days after sex?

You shouldn't get pregnant because you were taking your birth control at the time. Though don't have unprotected sex now, because you will get pregnant. If you are still worried and think you might be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

If you have been on birth control for years and then change can you get pregnant?

Yes, because your off birth control...

Can you get pregnant if your not on birth control?

Yes. It's called birth control because it is designed to stop pregnancies.

Could you be pregnant if you are currently taking Estrostep birth control pills but recently you have been spotting and very tired and have been having cramps?

Yes you could be pregnant. Do a test.

Is it possible to get pregnant through withdrawal?

MOST people get pregnant using withdrawal, because it's NOT birth control!

If you stop taking your birth control because you think you're pregnant should you get your period?

If you're pregnant, then you won't get your period

Why would a woman experience pregnancy symptoms if shes not pregnant?

because birth control can make you think you're pregnant.

Can You Get Pregnant with a IUD Birth control?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while using an IUD, since no birth control is 100% effective. The IUD is the most effective form of reversible contraception currently available. Fewer than 1 out of 200 women will become pregnant using an IUD, compared to 1 out of 100 failure rate using Birth Control pills.

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom and your not on birth control?

yes because the condom could break

If you stop taking your birth control will you get pregnant faster?

No! because youhave to have sex first.

What is the chances of getting pregnant while having unprotected sex on your period then get put on the birth control shot a few days later?

If you are having your period at the time of sex then you are not currently ovulating and you would not get pregnant.

You missed 2 birth control pills on your first week could you be pregnant?

Yes mot likely you have become pregnant because birth control is not effectively in your system until 1 month.

While on depo what time is the best time to try to get pregnant?

FIRST, if you are on depo, you shouldn't be trying to get pregnant, as it is a BIRTH CONTROL drug. Not only because its obvious if your taking it your avoiding pregnancy, but also if you get pregnant while on birth control, or after getting off birth control, it can lead to defects, miscarages, and other things that are a direct cause of being on birth controll. To be safe, you should get off birth control if your planning to become pregnant, wait a year, and then start trying. Of course, consult your doctor, but this is what i know. From experience my cousin miscaried when she became pregnant 3 months after birth control because of the birth control.

Can you get pregnant by taking birth control?

No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

When do you stop taking birth control?

You stop taking birth control when you want to get pregnant, when you are no longer fertile, when you're not at risk of pregnancy (perhaps because your partner can't get you pregnant), or when you have a medical condition that makes birth control a bad idea.

Can you get pregnant while spotting because of messing up birth control?

Yes you can. That is how most people get pregnant when they are on birth control. You should always use a second birth control method, like condoms, at all times any way

Can you get pregnant from dry-sex if you had underwear and your boyfriend had basketball shorts on even though you are on birth control?

the chance of you becoming pregnant from that are slim to none, mainly because you are on birth control, and the only way to become pregnant is if the semen enters the uterus, if there was so semen on your underwear you are not pregnant!

Why did is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant?

you mean why did Jamie Lynn Spears get pregnant anyways she got pregnant because she accidentally did not take her birth-control pills and she accidentally had sex

Can birth control pill make you fertile?

No because it stops all the hormones to become pregnant

How long do you have to be on birth control to get pregnant?

Birth control is for avoiding pregnancy. It won't help you get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on your week off from birth control?

yes you can anytime you stop taking your birth control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

If your on birth control and you get pregnant will you still get your period because of the hormones or will you not get your period like a regular pregnancy?

If you are pregnant you will not have any periods until after the child is born.

Can you still get pregnant if you're on birth control and using the withdrawal method?

If you're on birth control then you don't need to use to withdrawal method because you're having protected sex. It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant