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As a rule, YES. It is up to the lender to post a repo on your CR and most do it automatically.

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Q: Will it still affect your credit report if you pay the full costs ten days after repossession?
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Do you know how much the charge is for an eperian credit report?

There is no such thing as an eperian credit report. Perhaps you meant Experian Credit Report? In that case, it depends on what kind of service (personal, enterprise, small business, credit education) you are seeking. Currently, to get your own credit report, it costs $1.

Does a business credit card affect credit score?

All loans and credit cards have an affect on your credit score. Failure to use your credit cards responsibly will reduce your credit score and increase your interest costs.

If your identity was stolen how do you get the false aliases removed from your credit report?

A lawyer that specializes in identity theft. It costs money to get it done, or you could wait 7 years for it to fall off your credit report.

Does a nursing home for a credit check or a credit report before admissions?

Nursing homes often conduct credit checks before admitting residents. The costs of the care has to be covered. Part of the admissions process would be a standard credit check to make sure the costs can be afforded.

Can you find out if someone has declared bankruptcy?

It may be possible to find out if someone has declared bankruptcy by running a credit check. Credit checks will pull up a person's credit report, but it costs money to request one.

Do you have to payoff a car repossession?

Yes, you owe the difference of the amount of the loan and what the vehicle was sold for plus any costs of the repossession. You are expected to pay that amount.

How much is a repo fee from gm?

Repossession fees are variable for all auto lenders. Repossession fees are real costs that are accrued in the repossession of a vehicle, or based on these costs. Fuel, number of visits, wages, insurance, etc. are all taken into account. So the repossession fee on one vehicle may be vastly different, greater or less, than the fees on another.

If you owe on your car and its towed will your lender pay the costs?

Only to recover the unit for repossession.

How many points does a traffic ticket lower your credit score?

Traffic citations do not affect your credit score. Traffic citations for moving violations that result in a conviction for that offense (in other words, you don't contest the ticket) will affect your driving record and often can affect your insurance costs if your insurance company reviews your driving record. Your credit score is based on credit items where money was extended to you with a promise of repayment, such as credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans. If you do not pay a court debt and a judgment or collection item is reported against you it is feasible that it could eventually show on your credit report, although this may not be common.

If you let your mobile home be repossessed what effects will it have on your credit and can you be sued?

Repossession of any chattel (boats, cars, anything) will adversely affect your credit, so you may not be able to establish new credit for a few years. If you promised to pay for something, and you didn't, the general answer is that the agrieved party (lender in your case) can sue to recover the amount you owe, less the amount they recover by selling the repossessed property, plus interest, fees, attorneys fees and court costs.

In Australia after discharged from bankruptcy how long before it will be cleared from your credit report?

I dont believe it will ever be removed from most credit reporting company files the same way how many company's you have directed is kept and there current state.However some are archieved after 7 or 10years and this report costs additional fee's to axcess which most credit providers dont generally do.

Is there a charge to find out my Equifax credit report?

According to one disgruntled consumer, the service apparently costs $5.49 for the first credit report inquiry, and $6.95 for ensuing months. Equifax claims to offer free credit reports, but this may be only free on a trial basis. Or the consumer referenced here may have been mistaken or is not being honest.

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