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As a rule, YES. It is up to the lender to post a repo on your CR and most do it automatically.

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Q: Will it still affect your credit report if you pay the full costs ten days after repossession?
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Do you know how much the charge is for an eperian credit report?

There is no such thing as an eperian credit report. Perhaps you meant Experian Credit Report? In that case, it depends on what kind of service (personal, enterprise, small business, credit education) you are seeking. Currently, to get your own credit report, it costs $1.

If your identity was stolen how do you get the false aliases removed from your credit report?

A lawyer that specializes in identity theft. It costs money to get it done, or you could wait 7 years for it to fall off your credit report.

Does a nursing home for a credit check or a credit report before admissions?

Nursing homes often conduct credit checks before admitting residents. The costs of the care has to be covered. Part of the admissions process would be a standard credit check to make sure the costs can be afforded.

Can you find out if someone has declared bankruptcy?

It may be possible to find out if someone has declared bankruptcy by running a credit check. Credit checks will pull up a person's credit report, but it costs money to request one.

How long does an eviction show on credit report?

If you receive a judgement to evict non-paying tenants plus a judgement for rent monies unpaid and court costs how to do report this to the credit bureau if you do not have a SS# for the husband and wife? They are believed to have skipped the State when evicted.

How many points does a traffic ticket lower your credit score?

Traffic citations do not affect your credit score. Traffic citations for moving violations that result in a conviction for that offense (in other words, you don't contest the ticket) will affect your driving record and often can affect your insurance costs if your insurance company reviews your driving record. Your credit score is based on credit items where money was extended to you with a promise of repayment, such as credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans. If you do not pay a court debt and a judgment or collection item is reported against you it is feasible that it could eventually show on your credit report, although this may not be common.

Do you have to payoff a car repossession?

Yes, you owe the difference of the amount of the loan and what the vehicle was sold for plus any costs of the repossession. You are expected to pay that amount.

How much is a repo fee from gm?

Repossession fees are variable for all auto lenders. Repossession fees are real costs that are accrued in the repossession of a vehicle, or based on these costs. Fuel, number of visits, wages, insurance, etc. are all taken into account. So the repossession fee on one vehicle may be vastly different, greater or less, than the fees on another.

If you let your mobile home be repossessed what effects will it have on your credit and can you be sued?

Repossession of any chattel (boats, cars, anything) will adversely affect your credit, so you may not be able to establish new credit for a few years. If you promised to pay for something, and you didn't, the general answer is that the agrieved party (lender in your case) can sue to recover the amount you owe, less the amount they recover by selling the repossessed property, plus interest, fees, attorneys fees and court costs.

If you owe on your car and its towed will your lender pay the costs?

Only to recover the unit for repossession.

What happen if you sold your car after you took the car loan?

After your vehicle is repossessed by the lender, they can put it up for sale, but, you have a time period to redeem it, paying the amount in arrears, plus collection costs.Upon repossession, you have the right to recover any personal items in the vehicle.The lender can sell on the bank lot, or at auction, and then sue you for the remainder of the loan and costs, not collected at sale. The repossession will go on your credit rating (for 7 years).Time periods for actions in a repossession vary by jurisdiction, and, as I am not a lawyer, only a repossession agent in the past, you should consult an attorney or your state Department of Motor Vehicles by phone or visit their website!

In Australia after discharged from bankruptcy how long before it will be cleared from your credit report?

I dont believe it will ever be removed from most credit reporting company files the same way how many company's you have directed is kept and there current state.However some are archieved after 7 or 10years and this report costs additional fee's to axcess which most credit providers dont generally do.

Is there a charge to find out my Equifax credit report?

According to one disgruntled consumer, the service apparently costs $5.49 for the first credit report inquiry, and $6.95 for ensuing months. Equifax claims to offer free credit reports, but this may be only free on a trial basis. Or the consumer referenced here may have been mistaken or is not being honest.

If you get a cure of quit notice and you want to quit does it go down on your credit report and will the landlord make you pay out the rest of the lease?

If you quit you are still responsible for the rent for the month in which you are late. You may also be responsible for rent or costs related to getting the apartment re-rented. To recover these costs your landlord could take it from your deposit or if that is not sufficient you could be sued for any of these costs. If your landlord wins a judgment that is the time that it will affect your credit. If the judgment is not paid then you could go to collections and that also will further damage your credit. So while quitting directly will not affect your credit steps following quitting will eventually create bad marks on your credit. An alternative approach is to contact the landlord and inform them of your desire to leave. Work out a deal where your landlord agrees to allow the lease to terminate early. You will likely need to pay the landlord something to allow you to be released from the lease without damaging your credit.

How do suppliers have an influence on a business?

Suppliers can affect your availability of product based on their inventory or delivery time. Suppliers can affect your costs based on their prices changing, their credit terms, etc. only joking

Is it possible for a collection agency to remove the Sent to Collection Agency on your credit report?

Yes. There is no federal or state law which compels or requires credit reporting. It is totally voluntary. There are costs for creditors to place data on credit report and to update that data. While it is possible, and all consumers should certainly attempt to have collection accounts removed, you also need to be aware that it is unlikely.

How can you avoid repossession?

Most automobile financing agreements allow a creditor to repossess your car any time you're in default. No notice is required. If your car is repossessed, you may have to pay the full balance due on the loan, as well as towing and storage costs, to get it back. If you can't do this, the creditor may sell the car.If you see default approaching, you may be better off selling the car yourself and paying off the debt: You would avoid the added costs of repossession and a negative entry on your credit report.3 ways to AVOID repossession1. pay the notes2. find someone else to pay the notes3. slip the car aboard the space shuttle bound for MARSAs a repossession specalist, I can say that paying the bill is the best way to avoid repossession. If that is not possible, talk to the bank or lender. Believe it or not, they do not want your car, they want the money and will be more than willing to deal with you. They generally loose money on a repossession. 90% of the time that I receive a repossession request, the debtor is more than 65 days behind (average is 3 months)and is avoiding calls from the lender.In regards to hiding the vehicle or other technique, if the agent is worth his or her salt this will only delay not prevent repossession and may end up costing the debtor more. Once a repo is made and the vehicle is auctioned, any remaining balance is charged to the debtor. This includes the cost of the repossession. The more it cost me to do the job, the more it costs the bank and that cost is passed on to the debtor.

How long do you legally have to redeem your car after its been repossessed in Georgia?

Before your car payment is due, call the lender and ask for extra time. If you're at least a few months into the loan and haven't missed any payments, the lender will probably let you miss one or two months' payments and tack them on at the end. If you don't pay or make arrangements with the lender, the lender can repossess without warning, although many will warn you to give you a chance to pay what's due. If your car is repossessed, you can get it back by paying the entire loan balance and the cost of repossession, or, in some cases, by paying the cost of the repossession and the missed payments, and then continuing to make payments under your contract. If you don't get the car back, the lender will sell it at an auction almost always for far less than it's worth. In most cases, you'll owe the lender the difference between the balance of your loan and what the sale brings in. If you are far behind on your car payments and can't catch up, the truth is that you may not be able to afford the car. Under these circumstances, you should think about voluntarily "surrendering" your car before the dealer repossesses it. This strategy can save you expensive repossession costs and attorneys' fees. Because it also makes life easier for the dealer, you should try to get concessions from the dealer before you give up the car. A dealer will often waive its right to collect the amount left owing on the loan and/or promise not to report the default or repossession to credit bureaus. Try to get the dealer to agree not to report negative information to credit bureaus in return for your voluntarily surrendering the car. Negative information (such as a surrender, default, or repossession) will appear on your credit report for seven years, and will affect your ability to get credit in the future.

If your car is damaged while it is being repossessed who is liable for the damages the loan company or the repossession company?

The LENDER is responsible for every detail of a repossession. They may pass the costs of repair on to the repo company.

Does a business credit card affect credit score?

All loans and credit cards have an affect on your credit score. Failure to use your credit cards responsibly will reduce your credit score and increase your interest costs.

How does a credit card collector earn a judgment in their favor?

They go before a judge and explain how the payment for that credit card was not made and what is owed including collection costs. The cost of judgment is then added to the total and that becomes the collectors judgment. That stays on your credit report for a long time so avoid!

Can your bank account be garnished for an auto repossession?

Only after a cort judgement, then yes it can. It is better to pay what you said you would then add the costs of the repo and judgement. They can easily double your costs!

What will happen if you have been concealing your vehicle from repossession for over three years?

The lender has the option of foregoing repossession and filing a suit against the borrower for the amount owed plus interest, applicable fees and legal costs.

What will happen if you can't pay your car loan?

They take the car. The lending institution will take the car back, sell it at auction, then leave you responsible for the remainder of the debt, which you'll have to pay to the lending institution after they take you to court. As a suggestion, either pay for the car or sell it. You can sell it for far more than they'll get at the auto auction, then you'll have less to owe to the bank. Your car will be repossed and it will have a negative effect on your credit history for a while. * The vehicle can be repossessed and sold at public auction. The borrower will be responsible for the difference (if any) between the sale and loan amount plus the costs of repossession and other applicable fees. A repossession remains on a credit report for 7 years.

Definition of restaurant profit and loss report?

A restaurant profit and loss report should include the costs of daily business, like staffing and foodstuffs. The breakdown of the report should list the costs before the markups for customers.