Will jumping rope help you lose weight fast and if so how long will it take to lose 10-15 pounds?

That's an excellent form of exercise. Weight loss can only happen when you eat fewer calories than you burn. You can generally loose about 1/2 pound a day if you eat right and exercise vigorously. But of course, as everyone always warns, "your results may vary".

Weight loss takes place in the muscles, or more accurately, calories are burned in the muscles. If you're relatively fit and toned, you can loose weight a lot faster than if you've been sitting around or have been on some kind of starvation diet that has reduced your muscle mass.

Anorexia, fad diets and other extreme actions can actually prevent you from being successful in the future.

To maintain muscle mass while you loose weight, keep the calories down but make sure you're getting enough protein. Protein fills you up, stays with you and keeps you from loosing muscle mass.

Sugar and starch just makes you hungry in a couple hours. Fats are concentrated calories that aren't very beneficial.

So... to loose weight, eat fruits, veggies, protein and exercise.

Diet and exercise is the only way.

if you keep it up and depending how old u r, u can lose that much weight in a month