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Will just being questioned by law enforcement be grounds for a probation violation?


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Not if you have done nothing wrong. Unless one of the conditions of your probation is to immediately notify your P.O. that you had contact with L.E. Failing to do so can get you violated by your P.O.


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Talk with your probation officer or judge. You need to understand the legal grounds of this matter.

if you violate any of your conditions of probation that were set by the judge, it will be enough grounds for the judge to revoke your probation.

no Probably not but any violation of the terms of probation is grounds for revocation. It depends mostly on the mood of the probation officer, current policy, and the nature of the violation. Other factors include the nature of the conviction, the class of offense (minor misdemeanor vs. major felony), how crowded the jail is, or if TDCJ is accepting prisoners, etc.

I after just being placed on probation was a nervous wreck with the same question. Every state is different and it also will depend on if the probation was for a traffic offense in the first place. Assuming it was not you shouldbeall set. Here's the deal if you are on supervised probation you MUST report it to your probation officer because in your monthy review it asks "Have you had any police contact?" if you do not report the ticket you are falsifying this document and then can be violated. In I have spoken with several probation supervisors in RI that state MINOR traffic offenses are not grounds for revocation and need not be reported if on unsupervised probation. Hope this helps.

No. It might be in the best interest of the survivor spouse to request a protective order. If it is granted then the person in question would be subject to arrest and would be in violation of probation terms and most likely would have to serve the sentence that was imposed suspended to allow probation.Revocation of probation is when the judges takes away the probation and the person must serve their sentence out in jail.

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"Probable cause" is a term in law enforcement that means the authorities must have reasonable grounds before conducting a search or pressing a charge.

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This is not a question that is open to opinion. If the laws and regulations allow it, then. . . .'it is what it is.' If you feel that you have legal grounds to contest their ruling, you may seek assistance and/or file suit.

he/she will immediately be suspended. from there, they will have a hearing where it will then be determined whether or not he/she will even be allowed back into the public school system. the student will receive probation, and an ankle bracelet on most occasions

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