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Lightning can kill you. either if your out or in the water it can kill you. since water is an excellent electricity current conductor you can be anywhere's in the water and if it strike the water you could be seriously injured. It is best to stay OUT of the water AT ALL TIMES during a lightning and/or thunder storm(lightning usually occurs where there is lightning!)

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What happens if lightning strikes a flying bird?

Lightning can strike anyone and anything. If it were to strike a bird in flight, the bird would more than likely die.

If you are swimming in an ocean and lightning strikes the ocean would survive?

Yes. unless the lighting is in a close range of you it will not hit you. This happens because when lightning strikes because lighting doesn't travel far

Do electronics affect the way lightning strikes?

Electronics would not affect the way lightning strikes.

If you are swimming in a lake or river how close would a lightning strike to the water have to be to hurt or kill you?

The distance would depend upon the force of each individual strike.

Does lightning only strike during thunderstorms?

A thunder storm is one in which a large amount of thunder is heard. Thunder is caused by lightning; it would be more correct to say that a thunderstorm only occurs with lightning strikes.

What happens if lightning strikes a lake?

I have no idea, but all I know, don't be swimming at that time! ____________ Why would you answer the question if you had no clue what the answer was? If lightning strikes the surface of a lake, the lake and its contents become charged as well. It is only for a moment and is not constant. It lasts as long as the lightning strike is and is dissipated through the water, which is an excellent conductor.

Do fish get electrocuted by lightning?

It can happen, but a fish would have to be really close to the strike zone to be affected.No lightning that strikes the sea does not kill fish, because salt water is an excellent electrical conductor, and the electricity is conducted away in all directions, therefore it is not too intense in any one location.

What would happen if lightning strikes?

That would depend on where it struck.

How many circuit breakers would a lightning strike trip?

Generally circuit breaker is not designed to trip off in the event of lightning. The system has lightning arrestors which reroute the lightning effect to earth instantly. If there are no lightning arrestors then the equipment are likely to fail upon a lightning strike.

Why would standing on a beach make your body act like a lightning rod?

Answer: Well, you wouldn't. Lightning would most likely strike and injure or kill you. A lightning rod is a vertical pointed metal rod placed on the tops of buildings. They are connected by heavy wire to a good ground system buried in the ground, or perhaps grounded to the building's plumbing system. When lightning conditions exist, the lightning rod will draw off the electrical buildup, preventing a lightning strike from occurring. The building below the lightning rod is protected from lightning strikes, too.

What happens to land when lightning strikes?

The strike area is touched by an electrical current, the ground would be burnt. A lightning bolt is 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, fours times as hot as the sun's surface. So it is very likely that the immediate area would be scorched.

Is it possible for lightning to strike daily and at the same time?

It is possible for lightning to strike daily, if you have a storm system strong enough. For the second part of your question, the a single lightning strike that you see is actually made from multiple strikes that occur relatively at the same moment, and therefore make the "branches" to the single lightning strike. If, instead, you're asking if it's possible for two lightning strikes to happen almost exactly 24 hours apart... yes, definitely. However, it would probably just be coincidence; there isn't anything "magical" going on here, other than that there was either one long-lasting or two separate storm systems passing through on consecutive days.

When would lightning strike?

mostly when there is thunder or when it is raining

If lightning strikes the human body would cause a loss of memory?

It is possible for a patient to experience memory loss due to a lightning strike. A couple of sources:

Is lightning more likely to strike an electrical adjustable bed than a regular one?

Lightning does not normally strike a house, penetrate its outer layer (the roof) and go through the air to a particular object inside the house. If it does strike the house it tends to divert along conductive paths, such as telephone, electric or cable TV wiring or copper rain gutters or metal plumbing or even the foil on the wall insulation. The common scenario when lightning strikes a house is that the energy from the lightning strike travels along the conductive paths, like the house wiring, and find its way to the ground. Along the way it can damage appliances in the house that are plugged in at the time. This could include the electric bed. Many a TV and VCR have been damaged this way. They can be damaged even when the lightning strikes a thousand feet away from your house. As for whether you would be injured by being in the electric bed when the lightning strikes, only God would know. About 2 weeks ago a teenager was on the toilet bowl when the house was struck by lightning. He felt it but was unharmed.

When lightning strikes the sea do all the fish die?

No. If all the fish died, there would be no fish. Some fish unlucky enough to be too close, however, may die.

What would happen if thunder hit you?

Thunder is sound waves. Sound waves hit us all of the time. If you mean lightning, then you would be toast... literally! thunder is the sonic boom produced by lighting so depending on how close you are to the lightning strike if you're close enough it can lead to temporary deafness or worse.

What devices protect planes from lightning strikes?

All commercial planes are equipped with a faraday cage. If lightning were to strike it, the lightning bolt would be routed around the plane and down, without making contact with the inside of the plane. It's like a water drop rolling down a solid object, then falling off it at the bottom.

What is the use of mortar?

Mortars were used to support ground troops during invasions, or helping them defend a position be using 'danger close' mortar strikes (danger close meaning mortar strikes, air strikes or artillery strike close to friendly ground troops) sealing off the route the enemy used to attack. Also, mortar strike could be used to 'soften up' enemy ground defenses so that the friendly ground troops attack would be made easier. Mortar strikes would use coordinates acquired by ground troops and sent over the radio to signal where the mortar strike would land. Mortar shells were just like missiles, but you could throw one, after activating it, and use it as a super powerful hand grenade when needed.

Can lightning strike wet moving car's windshield?

It could, but it would be more likely to strike a metal part.

How many times a day does lightning strike earth?

Lightnig strikes the Earth over 8.6 milliontimes a day !... If we could harness all that energy for our own use - there would be a lot less pollution !

Why would you have to watch out if the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder seemed to occur together?

If thunder and lightning occur together close to you, you are dangerously close to a lightning bolt.

What kind of union strikes are there?

* Lockout * Sympathy strike * Wildcat strike with out orders from union bosses* Sitdown stikethere is also warning strikes it is not a full strike but it is when all workers call in sick on the same day so they are sort of warning the employers what would happen if they really did strike.

Can a batter be out on a third strike foul ball?

No, but if it was two strikes, then he bunted a foul, then he would be out

What happens when lightning strikes a tall building?

If the building has lightning rods, probably nothing, as the lightning will follow a path to the ground. If lightning strikes any building without lightning rods or some other method of grounding the lightning, the activity of the lightning would be pretty much unpredictable. It could do nothing, or it could cause a lot of damage, including fire, and injury to the people inside and outside.