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if you are overweight, yes

AnswerYes it will. The lower the bodyfat percentage you reach, the faster the breasts shrink, since they are for the most part just fat. This is why you see some female bodybuilders sporting breast implants. What makes it worse is that there is little or no bodyfat to "hide" the edges of the implant, so they look even more fake. AnswerIt depends how "fatty" your breasts are to begin with. I have had a DD cup my whole life. I have gaind 6 sizes and lost 5 sizes and throught the only thing that shrank was the circumference of the body and there was less sagging. I still have the same cup size and they look exactly the same, except when I lost weight they perked up. If you don't want to lose the overall size, make sure you incorporate upper body strength toning in your exercises.
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Q: Will losing weight make your breasts shrink?
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What can make your breasts smaller?

Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

What foods can make your breasts smaller?

Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

How big can the breasts get?

This is hard to answer. With surgery now a days, they can make breasts extremely large! Plus, when a woman loses weight, her breasts shrink a little. When she gains weight, they grow a little. I've seen bra sizes to "G."

Why did losing weight make my breasts uneven?

I think it's because your breasts can be different in terms of what makes up the breast tissue. If for example, your left breast is largely glands, and your right breast has more fat tissue, they can be even when you are at a certain weight and your breasts have a certain amount of fat. When you lose that fat, your right breast will shrink more than the left.

How do you make your breasts shrink?

Just lose weight, breats are fat. I'm 14 and I'm 106 pounds but my breasts are C34 but that's because of genetics. I like having big boobs though ;)

How can you make your breasts smaller?

sugery-----there are minimizer bras that can help though try sears

Does carressing my breasts make my breasts bigger?

Caressing your breasts will not make your breasts bigger. One way to possibly increase the size of your breasts is to gain weight.

Can the treadmill make your breast bigger?

Not really. In some cases as you lose weight your breasts can appear larger but in other cases losing weight and removing the underlying fatty tissue can make your breasts look smaller. Don't forget to wear a properly fitted sports bra. If the breasts are not supported properly the repetitive bouncing from running can stretch the ligaments permanently causing the breasts to sag.

Does pressing make your breast sag?

pressing does make your breasts sag, yes, but so does having kids, gaining and losing weight, bad breast implants, and not wairing a bra.

Do crunches make your breasts smaller?

No. However, since breasts are made up primarily of fat, losing weight will make them smaller. Lately I have been doing a lot of crunches,and my boobs have gotten smaller. Try doing situps instead!

How do you make your breasts smaller?

lose weight

Does losing weight make your teeth crooked?

No losing weight doesn't have anything to do with crooked teeth! LOL!

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