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It should, but you may have to demand/fight for it. The big down payment means less risk to the lender if they have to repossess it. Just a note - a big down payment would need to be close to 1/2 the total value of the vehicle, not a few thousand dollars on a $12,000 dollar loan. This is also affected by how bad your credit is, especially if you have previous repossessions. Basically all a big down payment does is get you more broke. Put down a resonalble amount but don't put all your eggs in one basket per say, and for every two thousand dollars you put down it only buys you 20 bucks off the monthly payment. The best way to reduce interest is to make extra payments,( but mail them in serperate invelopes and write in the comments section that is to be applied to priciple) on top of the regular payment each month. That is providing that you have a simple interest loan that allows you to pay towards the priciple. ask what type of laon you have.

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Q: Will making a big down payment get you a lower interest rate?
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Will you need a higher down payment to get a mortgage with bad credit?

Yes, a higher down payment is typically needed to get a mortgage with bad credit. A down payment of 25% or more will help to get a lower interest rate.

How much does one need for a mortgage deposit?

Traditionally a down payment or mortgage deposit was about %20 of the requested loan. Some lenders will accept less than %20 even to no down payment in exchange for higher interest rates. The general rule is the higher the down payment the lower the interest rate.

Are the interest rates lower when taking out a military loan?

Pioneer Military Loans for all ranks and branches; Borrow from $500 to $10000; Interest rates lower than most credit cards and competitive with banks and ... They generally are not. What a VA loan will do is make it so you don't have to either pay a large down payment or get tons of points on your mortgage. Instead, the government guarantees the loan, making a down payment unnecessary.

What can affect your monthly car payment?

Interest and down payment.

Can a car be repossessed if you are late making the remainder of the down payment but have been on time making the car payment?

YES, making the down payment is part of the contract and you are in default on it.

How does the down payment affect a mortgage?

A down payment will reduce the principal borrowed which lowers your monthly payments. A large down payment may also help lower your interest rate and may help you avoid paying PMI. If, for example you were buying a $200,000, at 5% for 30 years, the payment would be $1073.64 per month. If you put 10% down, or $20,000, your monthly payment would be $966.28 and you would save about $20,000 in interest.

How can you lessen your credit card debts?

Obviously, making greater than the minimum payment will lessen your debt. If you are not able to do so, then try calling your creditors and ask them to reduce the interest rate. With a lower interest rate, your monthly payment will be lowered, therefore you can pay-down the balance faster. You would be surprised how many creditors are willing to lower your rates. They are doing this more often due to the financial crises.

What percentage of a mortgage payment is the principal?

Most mortgages are fully amortizing. Meaning the pay the principal down to 0 over the term. Many today have special payment schedules that allow lower payments originally, even less than the interest due so the principal even grows while your making payments.On just about any mortgage, the amount of the payment that is principal vs interest changes literally with every payment. You need to refer to an amortization schedule for your specific rate and terms.Standardly at first virtually the entire payment is interest. The last few years virtually the entire payment is principal.

Find Lower Rates For Auto Loans?

In order to get the best possible rates for auto loans, increasing the initial down payment can pay off big. A larger down payment reduced how much is owed on the vehicle, which can bring greater savings. For those who have found an already low interest rate on their auto loan, this creates an ideal situation. Pairing a higher down payment than is normally required by dealerships with an already low interest rate can lower the amount that must be borrowed. This can save car owners money as they will pay less in interest every month on their auto loan.

Are home loan equity rates variable?

Yes, it depends on how much you put down for a down payment, and how much you are making payments. The faster you pay off your loan, the less interest you will owe.

Financing Auto Loans Is Better With A Down Payment?

Many auto loan providers give customers the option of choosing a loan with or without a down payment for the car. While it may be tempting to hold on to your immediate cash and forgo the majority of a down payment, opting to handle the expense right away has some serious advantages. When you choose to make a reasonable down payment for your new car, you will probably get a lower interest rate loan offer than someone trying to finance a larger amount. The combined savings of lower interest and less to owe make it financially sound to offer as much right away as possible.

How do you pay off your mortgage loan faster?

You could start making payments on a bi-weekly schedule which would greatly reduce interest and cut the loan life down dramatically.ORYou could refinance into a lower rate, creating a lower payment, and continue to pay your current monthly amount thus paying down the principal.ORYou could refinance into a shorter term mortgage (10yr or 15yr fixed for example) assuming the lower rates will help offset the increase in payment.It really comes down to weighing out the options and choosing based on your specific scenario.

How can you lower your monthly car payment?

You can lower your monthly car payment by making a larger down payment, so that you borrow less money in total. You could also choose the loan with the longest term, for example, paying $250 per month for five years instead of $417 per month for three years.

What exactly is an interest only mortgage calculator?

An interest only mortgage calculator helps a home owner determine how a payment is broken down including the amount of interest in each payment. It is a great tool for any homeowner.

How do you get the down payment on a car?

You make more money than you spend and put the overage in savings. If you're not making enough to save the down payment then you're not making enough to afford the car.

What would be the payment on a Chevy Camaro 2012?

Depends on purchase price, down payment, interest rate, length of loan, etc...

Is it illegal for ford to charge you interest on a down payment of non borrowed money?


Why is more interest paid at the beginning of a loan period than at the end of the loan period?

Charging interest is the method by which a lender profits from loaning money to a borrower. The lender will set the terms of any loan to their advantage. They obviously want to get paid first and get paid the most. The balance of a loan is typically higher at the beginning of a loan, and interest will be charged on the balance. So as a person makes payments on the loan typically he/she will be making a payment consisting of part interest and part principal. As the person pays down the loan the interest that is calculated at the compounding period will be less because the principal amount has been reduced. For example, a person has a $1000 payment, at the beginning of the loan the payment may be broken down as ($900 interest and $100 principal), on the last payment of the loan the payment of $1000 may look like ($950 principal and $50 interest).

How do you use a mortgage calculator to figure your necessary down payment?

A mortgage calculator will allow you to put in the amount that you wish to borrow from the bank along with the interest. It will then tell you the monthly payment. The monthly payment will adjust as you increase or decrease the amount of the down payment.

The idea of making a small down payment for an item and making regular payments on it is called the?

Installment plan

If you refinance a car does the overall cost of the loan go down?

No, if you refinance your car, your loan would stay the same until you pay it off.Answer:Refinancing implies changing the terms of a loan agreement - usually one or mor of the amount to be paid back, the interest, or the period (number of payments). Depending on the impact of these factors the cost can go up or down. Examples (with only the indicated change made):Lower interest rate payment goes downIncreased time of payment total payment interst goes upIncreased principle (the amount owed) payment goes up

What are the pros and cons of leasing a car?

No equityLimited to number of miles you can use Lower down paymentLower payments

Can i refinance car loan with another down payment?

If you refinance a car another down payment is usually not required. I refinanced a car to lower to payments and it added another year to the payoff date of the car. I wasn't required to give a down payment.

How does a car payment calculator work?

Car Payment Calculators estimate the monthly payment you'd be required to make based on the cost of the automobile, your down payment, and interest. Once you enter the cost of the vehicle, your down payment, your interest rate and the length of your loan, it will give you an estimate on what your monthly payments would be. There is a helpful calculator here: Hope this helps.

What does the down payment on a used car pay for?

It is applied directly against the purchase price of the used car. The more you down payment, the less owed and the lower your monthly payments will be.