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It probably depends upon the medical insurance company you are with and what coverage you have with them. I have never seen a medical insurance policy that does not cover teeth knocked out in an accident - even with no dental insurance. I once was reimbursed by Blue Cross for my son's retainer that was broken as part of an accidental injury - again with no dental insurance. It also depends on the accident. How bad is the injury to mouth... There are a lot of little things that play in. Weather you need stitches or not. Surgery? One has to read the find print to determine if it qualifies. If it's just for regular dental work ex: extractions, root canals then probably not.

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Q: Will medical insurance cover treatment for teeth that are knocked out in an accident if you do not have dental insurance?
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Who is liable for medical treatment cost when the accident was not your fault and 3rd party have admitted liabillity?

The at fault driver's auto insurance company will pay for your medical treatment out of their Bodily injury liability coverage.

Does a passenger in a car accident have to file a claim with their own insurance?

Not usually, unless it is for the treatment of some serious and lengthy medical injury for which the auto insurance is insufficient.

Why should a teacher get an insurance when he teaches at school?

A teacher should get an insurance when he teaches at school in order to avoid paying high medical treatment costs. In case of accident at work, a teacher can for reimbursement of medical cost.

Car insurance can coverage medical payment on motorcycle accident?

If you put medical insurance on the policy when the policy was purchased.

Will your medical insurance cover you in an auto accident?

Yes it should, but the auto insurance company may have to pay the medical insurance after the claim is paid.

What insurance provides medical and property damage coverage if you are in an accident with someone who does not have insurance?

Usually your own insurance.

Does no fault insurance pay for massage?

Auto insurance is basically not a medical insurance. However, if you are involved in an accident and need medical attention or treatment from phisotheraphy or massage can be approved and paid by the insurance company based upon the medical reports and the need for the same. Massage treatment would fall under no fault coverage of the auto policy for eg in Ontario where this coverage is compulsory. In some parts of state this coverage is covered.

Does medical insurance cover a broken ankle?

Well, it will be covered under medical insurance provided you are to stay at hospital/nursing home for a minimum period of 24 hours for treatment of your broken ankle. Alternatively, if you are having Personal Accident Policy, you can avail of medical benefit from that one.

What type of life insurance coverage will pay for the loss of a persons sight?

You are to opt for Health Insurance Policy or a Personal Accident Policy (in case of loss of sight due to accident). In fact, Health Insurance Policy will provide you for medical expenses for treatment relating to recovery of eye sight only.

Does Insurance pay for marriage counseling?

Medical insurance will not pay for marriage counseling, as there is no medical dianostic code for treatment and marriage counseling is not considered "medically necessary." There must be a medical diagnosis identified for any treatment to be covered by insurance (same as with medical conditions).

Do car insurance give you the money to medical bills?

If you have medical payments in your insurance. Liability only does not pay medical benefits. And the medical bills have to be the result of an auto accident.

What is accident policy?

An accident policy is an insurance policy that will pay all or a portion of medical expenses incurred in the course of an accident.

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