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Yes but it might come back to traditional culture. The traditional culture and technology is the building blocks of what we have today, it will never be completely replaced. apex.. improves results

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Q: Will modern science and technology replace traditional culture and technology ultimately?
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What is paperless technology?

Paperless technology is technology that is designed to replace paper

What is changes in technology?

everything improvements to existing technology, inventions that replace existing technology

Can technology replace the teacher in the classroom?

yes it can

What technology did the telescope replace?

Mk I eyeball.

Can wireless technology replace the extensive use of cables around the worldDiscuss?

Can wireless technology replace the extensive use of cables around the world?Discuss.

Can technology take the place of teacher in the classroom?

Technology can replace parts of what a teacher does in the classroom, such as reading stories or giving lectures. Technology cannot replace all of what a teacher does, such as responding to questions or disciplining the students.

What does the volkswagan replace in new technology?

it replaces the volkswagan jetta

What new technology will replace CAT scanners?

DOG system!

What is a word that means replace traditional ideas?

I am not sure, but could it be inovate?

What source of energy can replace traditional energy?

Oil of oil palm trees are going to replace the petrol. solar energy is going to replace the electricity from...

Can the technology replace all or most face to face meetings?


What did technology replace?

it replaced going to the bar evry Friday and drinking

Will digital technology replace radio media as you know it?

Computers and the internet.

Is graphene technology can replace the present silicon technology in future?

Perhaps. Maybe diamond film wafer or nanotube will get there first.

When there are advances in technology such as the personal computer how might business productivity change?

The new technology can replace outdated, less efficient, machinery.

What is your expectations in the subject science and technology?

My expectations regarding the subject of science and technology is that quantum computing will replace today's chip computers.

How can unemployment be overcome as a result of computer technology?

When machines literally replace people.

What technology was introduced in the 1990s that will eventually replace analog television?

digital tv

What technologies are being developed to replace people donating blood?

Technology in Fluidics.

What products of technology helped to replace transportation by horse?

cars bikes planes

How do computers affect your culture?

Computers affect culture because they replace humans in work situations, and enhance social interactions with other people.

Can technology replace humans?

Obviously, yes, consider robots on car assembly lines.

What would cause scientist to change or replace the modern atomic theory?

new technology

Will smart class replace teachers in future?

No, Technology will never be able to replace the role of a teacher whether they are in front of the classroom or in front of a webcam

Will an artists job be replaced by technology?

Technology will never be able to replace artists completely. However, you can order a "pencil sketch" of a personal photo from a catalog or a 1-800 number. Some of these are made by illustrators, but others are completed in Photoshop. Digital art is changing the face of art, and traditional animation is being largely replaces with computer-generated stuff.

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