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Will one bad day of eating cause you to gain weight?

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It depends on what you eat, how much you eat and how much you exercise on the "bad day." Every pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories. If you eat that much on your bad day and do not exercise, you can gain one pound of body fat. If you eat an extra 500 calories and run for an hour give or take some minutes, it may not have an effect at all.

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What are the effects of bad eating?

You gain weight

Is over eating bad for you?

Over eating causes you to gain weight

Why unhealthy eating is bad for you?

Unhealthy eating is bad for you because it causes you to gain weight. Extra weight gain can put unnecessary stress on the body and it's organs.

Why is it bad to eat chicken nuggets?

Eating too much chicken nuggets can cause obesity and weight gain.

Is caffiene bad for you?

yes it is it can cause you to gain weight fast

What are the bad effects of eating cookies?

Cookies are not very healthy foods, and eating too much can cause weight gain due to an unhealthy diet and the extra calories in the cookies. Raw cookies can cause food poisoning.

Why is it bad to eat burgers?

Eating too much burgers can make you gain weight and get obese.

Can you gain weight with a bad gallbladder?

You can indeed gain weight with a bad gallbladder. You can gain weight if anything in your body is not working properly.

Why is it bad to eat cheetos?

Eating too much cheetos can make you gain weight and even get fat.

Why is it bad to eat noodles?

Eating noodles can make you get a lot of carbs, and carbs make you gain weight.

Is not eating a diet?

Yes. But you shouldn't do it, it is bad for your body. You will lose weight, but it drains your body's energy. As soon as you start eating regularly again, you will gain most of the weight back.

Can eating oats for 3 weeks cause weight loss?

I am not sure. But I know it is bad for you!

Can eating a lot of fast food early in pregnancy cause you to miscarry?

No not at all BUT it can have very bad effects on the baby and you...It can always make you gain weight...ALWAYS ALWAYS eat healthy!

Are carbohydrates bad to eat?

Yes. Eating too much carbs can make you gain weight and sometimes get fat.

Whats bad about sweets?

Sugary treats are not only bad because can they cause tooth decay but they also convert to glucose and can cause diabetes and weight gain.

Can Mirena cause weight gain?

no i have had the merina for over a year and i have had no weight gain what so ever but the bad is i have do desire for sex anymore im thinking about gettin it taken out apap

Why is eating chips everyday bad for you?

Chips contain little to no nutritional value, and therefore, can make you gain a lot of weight.

What are bananas bad for?

Eating more than one in a day will make you gain weight because it is a "sweet fruit" and has fat.

What are the effects of overeating in long distance running?

Eating too much during a race can cause stomach cramps, and drain blood from your muscles into your digestive system - which is bad for speed and stamina. Eating too much before a race will lead to weight gain, which again is bad for speed and stamina.

Is too much meat bad for you?

yes because it can cause to gain weight and heart will pump slower

Is it bad to not eat for 3 days in a row?

yes, if you are trying to lose weight its not working, eating less than 30 calories a day will make you gain weight

How do anorexic people gain weight?

people who are recovering from an eating disorder can gain weight by eating an extremely healthy diet and supplement it with vitamins and protein bars and or shakes eat big meals also helps but not stuffing themselves because this can change into a bad habit that is hard to break

Why is bad nutrtion bad?

Weight gain and health problems

Is it ok to binge eat once a week?

No. Binge eating is never good. It can be very bad for health and diet, result in weight gain, cause mood swings, and allow a person to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

Can you gain weight while you smoke?

There are many bad effects of smoking but weight gain is not a side effect of smoking. Weight gain can happen to a smoker for the same reasons that anyone else can gain weight.

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