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Will pain above the pubic area happen two weeks into pregnancy?


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2005-08-22 22:59:05
2005-08-22 22:59:05

I have never had or heard of this symptom during pregnancy and I have had two children. Although, we have been recently trying for another and I also had started to have to pain right above pubic area and thought that may be a symptom I had just never had before. So I went to see a dr to get it checked. It turned out I had a bladder infection. That is a symptom of a uti, even if you have no other symptoms of a uti. Like frequent urination, burning, etc.


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Generally you wont hear a fetal heart beat till about week16. The uterus is above the symphysis pubis(the pubic area) at 16 weeks.

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For the first 12 weeks the womb or uterus is behind the pubic bone and not able to be felt by pressing on your abdomen. Starting at 13 weeks the top of the uterus AKA the fundus can be felt just above the pubic bone and will grow 1 cm per week. At 16 weeks, the fundal height is 16 cm (4 cm above the pubic bone).

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From the top of your pubic bone to the top of your bump is about the same in centimeters as the number of weeks of pregnancy, after 20 weeks. This will give your doctor/midwife a good indication of how well the baby is growing.

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yes it is i have been having this for about four weeks it is nothing to worry about! yes it is i have been having this for about four weeks it is nothing to worry about!

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Well, I started noticing a faint brown line starting from my belly button to my pubic hairline at 5 weeks, it may be possible that it could occur at 3 weeks. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.

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