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Paying off collection or charge offs is NOT SUPPOSED TO reset the DLA (date of last activity). This is the date that determines how long a derogatory account can show on your credit report. You would need to find out the DLA on your specific accounts and follow up after payment to ensure that they are not re-aged. This would be illegal. Better yet, why not offer to pay for removal from your credit report completely?

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

How do you know which transactions are awaiting your approval

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Q: Will paying off a few newer accounts in collections help your credit score or will it hurt by staying on your credit report even longer?
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What do you do with a credit balance in accounts receivable after a time frame of 2 years?

You can send it to collections or write it off. Depends on the amount- they are probably no longer a customer i would assume.

If you had unpaid bills that went to collections can you pull them out of collections by paying?

Yes, once you paid them, then you would no longer be in collections. Your credit report should update to reflect that it was either paid, or settled.

Does your husband no longer have a credit history if he has been unemployed for 10 years even though you have joint credit accounts?

If you have joint accounts that have been open and active in the past 7-10 years, your husband has a credit history. Credit history has nothing to do with the status of his employment.

Where do you pay collection accounts that are reported on your credit report when the company is out of business or no longer handles the account that was reported for collection?

You pay the collection agency.

What is the statute of limitations on old debt?

It depends on the type of debt and the jurisdiction. Written obligations usually have longer periods then oral agreements. Open ended accounts, such as credit cards, tend to be longer.

What are the credit requirements to open an internet merchant account?

Merchant accounts are often given to individuals with no or poor credit ratings. However, the longer that you are in business and as your monthly charge volume grows, your credit rating becomes more important, and it is then important to have a good credit rating.

Is there a statute of limitations on debt collections?

It varies depending on the type of debt. It also varies from place to place as each state or country sets their own limits. Written agreements, including Promissory notes are often set at a longer time frame than Oral agreements and open ended accounts (credit cards).

The accounts that you discharged in bankruptcy should no longer show on your credit report after 1 year?

The accounts can remain up to seven years after the last payment was made, but will show a zero balance due to a bankruptcy filing.

When should you close credit accounts?

Credit Cards and Your Credit Scoretrust me when i say, don't close your credit card accounts as soon as you pay them in full. definitely cut the cards in half and store in a safe place. do not contact the creditor to inform them that you are paying the account in full and closing it. by closing your accounts soon after paying them off, you end up "decreasing" your credit score with the three main Credit Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian). i know this all too well because i just had this happen to me. in my opinion, it's not fair, but it's the way it is. i was informed by my local Credit Bureau (for future reference) not to cancel/close credit card accounts when I've paid them in full and no longer want to use them. i was told to let the accounts remain active/open until the credit card company contacts me to cancel them due to non-usage (this can occur within one or more years from the date of your final payment). by doing this, your credit scores will not be affected and that's a good thing to have happen these days.

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What happens when you are in a nursing home and can longer pay your credit cards?

You will default on your credit card accounts. Being an unsecured loan, there is little a credit card company can do. That is a risk credit card companies take. Regardless of why you can't pay, non-payment will result in default. The extent to which a credit card company will attempt to collect depends on whether or not they feel you have sufficient income.

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