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No and Yes. Paying down your credit cards so that the available credit is higher then what is currently being used is a factor in the scoreing. The best way you can raise your credit score is dispute the derogitory credit you have that has been paid off or is old. There is no reason something paid current from 1980 should still be on your credit report. If you do not stand up for yourself no one will. I suggest disputing any paid derogitory credit. Even if it says paid on the report dispute it anyway as being paid. The agency will go back to the creditor and they will have 30 days to answer the dispute or it will be dropped of the report. most collectors when paid do not answer those disputes.

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Q: Will paying off my 72k mortgage and 30k in bills raise your fico fast and how much?
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What builds credit faster paying the monthy minimum or in full?

Paying your bills in full is always better than paying the minimum monthly payment. When you are paying your minimum monthly payment your balance continues to grow because you continue to shop and the interest continues to be add-on and it will take years and years to pay off. (by law, the bill will show how long it will take to pay your bills, if you are paying the minimum monthly payment). That is how people get overly in debt and high balances affect your credit score. my advise is: treat credit cards as a replacement of cash, (to take advantage of the rewards/benefits of the card), NOT AS A FAST LOAN.

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