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Will paying one credit card bill 3 or 4 days late affect your credit history?


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May 16, 2012 2:30PM
  • In order for a late payment to affect your credit history and FICO score, the payment must be a full 30 days late from the original due date.
  • From what my papers say if you are even 1 hOUR late your annual percentage will go up with ALL credit card companies- then it must be reported to some agency if that is so?? It would then have a negative impact it would seem.
  • Yes, if you're late the rate can go up, but no it won't be reported unless it is 30 days or later. Hey, guess what, your interest rate can go up even if you pay on time. You contract with the credit card company most likely says they can revise the contract any time they want, any way they want. With your bill you'll get a little slip along with all the additional crap they send you that states it when they do. They also check your credit regularly and if you score goes down they'll up your rate even if it's not because of late payments and such. Your credit score can go down because you've got too much credit, owe too much or have had a lot of credit inquiries.
  • If you have a universal default clause in your credit card agreement, then being late on one card can cause the interest rate for that card. Thus, it will be much harder to pay lots of your bills, greatly increasing the likelihood that you'll end up with black marks on your credit history.
  • The CARD act 2009 ended the practice of universal default, hence the strikethroughs above.