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Will perennial plants come back in flower pots?

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If the size of the pot is adequate and does not restrict their root growth so much that the plant dies, potted perennials can be grown successfully from year to year.

2007-09-26 21:46:18
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Q: Will perennial plants come back in flower pots?
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What are perennial flowers?

Perennials are plants that come back every year.Perennial means that the plant will grow year after year.

Do annual flowers grow back every year?

No, annuals are a one year flower. Perennial is the word you are looking for. Look for this word when you are buying plants or seeds. They will come back year after year.

Does a perennial flower once then die?

No. Perennials come back every year.

Do salvia plants come back each year?

depends on the variety, you get both annual and perennial salvia varieties

How do perennial flowers come back every year?

Perennial plants have roots that live through the winter. They are able to regrow above ground parts during the growing season.

What are the similarities of perennial plants and annual plants?

Both annual and perennial plants produce seeds. Both may have flowers.Perennial plants come back the next spring. Annuals you have to buy again.

How do you prune lupines?

Lupines is a perennial. You chop off the flower head after its done blooming and the plant will die down on its own and come back after the winter.

Are bell pepper plants perennials?

no they are annuals, you have to plan seeds for it to grow a perennial we come back every year regardless of whether you have planted seeds.

What is an annual vs perennial flowering plant?

If a flower is an annual it means that the plant will only grow one season. If a flower is called a perennial then it means it will come up year after year, continuing to bring you beautiful flowers.

Name two perennial vegetables?

Perennials are plants that come back year after year without having to be replanted, and can come back for three or more years. Some vegetables that are perennials include rhubarb and sweet potatoes.

What does perennial mean?

Perennial means the plant will come back each year if you live in the hardiness zone as listed for the plant

What is a perennial?

A perennial is a plant that will come back the next year. So you do not have to replant more seeds when it dies. I hope I answered your question

What colors do Delphiniums come in?

Delphiniums are a perennial flower that is considered short lived as it usually will only grow back for three or four years. The normal colour of a Delphinium is blue but this flower is also available in white, violet, yellow, red and pink.

Do carnations come back next year?

Perpetual ones do. Most are perennial.

How long do horsetail plants live?

Horsetails are Perennial so they love for more than 2 years, they are considered a weed and will come back every year if you don't kill it.

Is the word perennial or preanual?

If you're speaking of plants that come back year after year without having to replant new ones, you're speaking of perennial. Flowers that must be planted each year and die when the season is over are annuals. However, they may be perennial in their native habitat, but annuals where the weather is too cold for them.

What is the difference annuals biennials and perinnals?

Annual plants grow from seed and flower, make seeds and then die in one season (year).Biennials grow from seed in the first year and over winter to flower, make seeds and die in the second season (year).Perennial plants grow from seed and then come up year after year to flower and make seeds, surviving many winters (years).

Is a calla lilly plant a perennial?

it comes from a bulb and should come back yearly.

Where does the rice you eat come from?

It comes from rice plants. The part is a flower.

Are forget me not flowers annual or perrenial plants?

Forget-Me-Nots come in over 50 different species, some of which are annuals and some of which are perennials. The popular Alpine variety, the state flower of Alaska, is a perennial, while the common field variety is an annual.

Do chilli plants come back next year?

Pepper plants are annuals that do not come back from year to year.

What parts of plants does cotton dress come from?

Cotton dresses come from the cotton ball of a flower

What are perennial and what are annual flowers?

Perennials come back every year, and annuals you have to plant every year

Do iris come back every year?

Yes iris is a perennial plant. It will rebloom every spring.

Do perennial usually flowers once then dies?

No, those are annuals. Perennials come back each year.