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Planet X does not exist.

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There is no reason to believe that any planet is going to crash into Earth any time soon.

No. The movie "Battlefield Earth" is fiction - BAD fiction - and has nothing at all to do with reality. Also, there is no "Planet x" that's going to crash into the Earth, or make a close approach to Earth. This is entirely fictional as well.

Planet X does not existIt will not destroy Earth in 2012 as it does not exist.Internet hypes do exist, planet X does not.

Of course not! There is no such thing as Planet-X!

There is no "planet X", so your question has no answer.

No. There is no planet coming to Earth.

Planet X does not exist. It was only a theory.

Packages from Planet X - 2013 Crash Course 1-11 was released on: USA: 10 August 2013

Yes,Planet X is a planet that was founded in 1788.People said it will destroy earth on Sept.23 2017,but the real date is April 23 year 2036.Planet X has been heading towards earth since about 2008.IT WILL ATTACK THE EARTH.

From a crash between a large planet/miniplanet/asteroid and Earth.

No. As of current known orbital data, the Earth will never be in a position to collide with another planet.

billion years ago some planet at size of mars crash into earth then the dust and the rocks left over from the from the crashed planet crates the moon

Since "Planet X" is entirely imaginary, probably nothing at all.

That is the dominant theory being accepted lately for where the moon came from.

Planet x is the name used to name undiscovered planets that might exist. The belief that an actual "Planet X" is out there and on a collision course with Earth is a different story.

No, there's no such thing as Planet-X. It was a theoretical planet thought to be far out on the edge of the solar system, but was never found.

In Sonic X, Sonic lives in a parallel version of Earth, while Chris lives on the other Earth.

No, today, the astronomical community widely agrees that Planet X, as originally envisioned, does not exist.

Planet x is between the Earth and the Sun. It has an elliptical orbit that will bring it close enough to earth to be seen in broad daylight. It takes approximately 3600 years for planet x to complete this orbit and at each pass near Earth, the gravitation forces cause what is called a pole shift on Earth.

master chief crashes on earth at the begining. both of them along with the arbiter crash on halo at the last level

NO! And the proof is its already 2013 no hit and earth isnt in the middle of the solar system and many planets are in it so I say planet x isnt going to collide with earth and if it is a meteorite then theres a really big chance planet x hits the huge sun and melts there

No planet has crashed into earth, there was romers that, that was going to happen in 2012. but it didn't. the planet was called planet x or Nibiru