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Will quickbooks pro 2007 work with Windows 8?


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QuickBooks Pro 2007 will work in Windows 8. However, you will need to pay for an upgrade to get it to work.

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QuickBooks is not backwards compatible. You would have to be converting to the same version or higher for PC (2007 or higher).

yes. If you are having any trouble, use a Quickbooks recovery company like

Quickbooks Pro 2007 is an outdated version of the software that is generally upgraded yearly. Quickbook 2011 the the most current version availble for consumer use and purchase.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can convert to 2009 for PC, you would have to convert to 2008 and then upgrade.

QuickBooks Pro is a one of the type/format of QuickBooks. QuickBooks comes in 5 formats. QuickBooks Pro QuickBooks Plus QuickBooks Desktop Mac QuickBooks Desktop Premier QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions FYI- All Formats of QuickBooks can be hosted as well. for more,Visit (See related Link)

Quickbooks Pro 2009 will convert the 2005 file and it will be ready for use in Quickbooks 2009 only!

Yes , Office Publisher 2007 is compatible with Windows 7, but you can get Office 2010 Pro as Office 2007 is outdated.

Quickbooks is a line of business accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit and quickbooks pro is one of their product line in the market.

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You can update your old file quickbooks pro 2005 when you have a latest version of quickbooks pro 2009 simply by downloading your back up file (using restore file) or your company file (using previous file sort off) and quickbooks will guide you through it to upgrade your file.

Go to File - Utilities - Convert to Windows. Then open the file on your PC.

You absolutely can uninstall your QuickBooks 2004 version from your computer. The data is stored in a file that is separate from the program and will not be removed if you uninstall your old version.

Just Install QuickBooks 2011 on your System. All of your files will be upgraded automatically once you open them with the newer version.

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Gregory M. Doublas has written: 'Using QuickBooks (and QuickBooks Pro) with Proper Accounting' 'Using QuickBooks (and QuickBooks Pro) & accounting properly' -- subject(s): Accounting, Computer programs, Finance, QuickBooks, Small business

Unfortunately, QuickBooks is not backwards compatible - meaning you cannot start with QuickBooks Pro and downgrade to Simple Start (you would have to start a whole new file in Simple Start).

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QuickBooks SimpleStart 2008From £89 .95 (UK) not includuing taxQuickBooks Pro 2008From £179 .96 not including tax

no it doesn't unfortunately

Loosing a program is a mess not unless you have a backup file which is standard procedure and Quickbooks always remind you in doing so. Upgrading your quickbooks pro from 2005 to 2009 just simple and easy and transfering the backup file using restore then quickbooks will guide you in upgrading your old file to higher version without loosing your data.

Yes, the file can be upgraded. Just use an intermediate version like Quickbooks 2006 first. Alternatively, use a professional company to get the conversion done if there is any data corrupted. See the related link.

No, but Windows XP can work on a macbook pro.

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