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will 99 323 rims fit 97 540


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wil a BMW 5 series rims fit on a Mercedes cls 500

of course same lug pattern 5x120

Not without major modification

Depends on the rim size. If you are putting 20" 2007 rims on a 1995 E36 BMW with 16" rims, you'll probably find yourself in a pickle. Trying finding rims either the same size, or within 1-2" of the original rims.

That is a bit of an ambiguous question. It depends what size the rims are but do contact BMW as putting the wrong tire sizes on can knacker the gear box!!

It depends what model, it might not fit different model, which car are you swithing to? I'll tell you if they match.

Yes, E36 and E46 wheels can be interchanged.

yo dog you can fit 30's under it

With some modifications, yes.

no i think the 20 inch is the biggeset it could fit

yes it will if you buy wheel adapters you will need 5x100 to 5x120 BMW if you have a mk3 or mk4 jetta depends if you have mk5 you will need 5x112 to 5x120 but you can fit Mercedes rims on a mk5 so why bother

yes they will fit i have 275/25/24 front rear 295/25/24

Unfortunately they will not fit on your Jetta. The bolt pattern on the BMW E46 wheels is 5x120, while the bolt pattern on the 2014 VW Jetta is 5x112

yes they will that's what I have on mine I bought it used and that's how it came

custom cut and format your wheel arches

More than likely they will not. Most 7 series wheels don't fit other series

No. The bmw is 5 on 120mm, the J30 is 5 on 114.3mm

if the hubs have the same number of lug studs, and the rim is the same size or bigger

Will Pontiac Montana rims fit WHAT? Your question is not complete. What do you want to fit the Montana rims on?

yes but if they are m3 alloys the wide wheels are wiider than the front and rub the back arches wen driving

No. Audi new models have 5x112, old one have 5x100. Bmw have 5x120. Also the offset and the central hub should be equal. But you can buy adaptors.

it will require some cutting but 24's will fit a 745. The cutting is mainly inside the wheel base so its not noticeable.

Yes certainly! 20x7.5 or 20x8.0 tire size 225/30/20 perfect fit no lift no rub

what Toyota vehicles will the 16x7jj rims fit

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